Wie Gut Ist Schnäppchen-Wandfarbe Aus Dem Baumarkt?

I find it very amazing that you can notice such a big difference here, because when you consider that this color comes from the same factory as this color, but that they are so different that impressed me, hey, what's up that that painter. And today we are doing the big hardware store in the color whale Moby and thought, hey, let's, just try the color. The question always comes up about the expensive color, yes, the cheap color, whoever buys cheap buys twice, et cetera, pp and will that is called today. Just. Do it, Alpina knows the original, Europe's, best-selling phase, compete against nicer living and clear white. And the two compete against obi active. White, Yes, price-performance ratio is you have the most expensive here for 10 99?

Then we have our polar white here for 899. And the obi is available for 97, all three of them come to this area here I have a pleasant piece of Romano TEC his done whoever hasn't seen it. Yet can take a look at the video up, here, great, thing, yes, but that's, good because we're.

Taking that as an opportunity, we have a dark surface and could check how the composition of the paint behaves, how solid or liquid it is. We can see all of that here using these three surfaces here. The interesting thing is the expensive color here in the test that for 10 and 90 from Alpina comes from the same factory as the cheapest color in the test for 799, namely from obi, whether they have the same composition, and whether the covers are the same etc. that we then of course, have to look at now. Well then let's just get started I wish you a lot of fun watching. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, so that Alpina it's simply great in terms of consistency with such colors, you have to just always make sure that you can really see that they are nice and creamy, There are simply colors that are relative in terms of consistency liquid. And that also means few fillers, such as no pigments and everything is processed a bit cheaper ergo.

The result is that the color covers less. Well, but here is a wonderful creaminess, our polar white in terms of consistency, I would also say that is on the same level is sublime a bit like Alpina. I think here in terms of consistency, it is a bit more conclusive. So you will definitely see that it is a very good opaque color. If we see it right away, but we know what we can see.

But the difference is a bit more conclusive behind polar white, but I, let myself be told that PRI lux and trill is a brand manufacturer that sells very, very good. Materials, and here you have a kind of cheap hardware store offshoot here, you can see that when you open up such colors for the first time you simply have to carry them out because they up here that collect the solvents have the small film of water on the Because of this, It is always important to get the pigments up from below, because they usually settle out at some point, If you just paint them like that, it could happen that the wall becomes stained. And he doesn't think anything about fetes. Behavior is good here, even in terms of behavior like them like the Alpina. I also think that this color is a bit more fluid than the Alpina, even though it comes from the same factory, I would say that it behaves like the problem, but it's my personal opinion.

Now that will show how the thinking is as I said, they come from the same, but doesn't have to mean that they have the same composition. Yes, a friend like that I've got a little mouse ready. Here are all three colors, and I'll apply the whole.

Thing with my little house here, more power is then also important or roll the tool beforehand and knock it out so that it can absorb the color, much better d. It doesn't run the risk of it splashing just a little tip by the way, that's. My load to start with, So Alpina goes first., I'll, logically wash out the tool here after each use. So that we always start with the same requirements., I'll cross that out too pretty thin out because I really want to see how the deck behaves, yes, I have two points. Now, and now you have to watch how everything here works, first, we put a coating on it, now, I'll, wait for my colleague to get out of here, and then we'll go with you. The polar ice ran soy tool is washed out again, same prerequisites as before. And now we go with our polar white from beautiful living edge as I said, I'll only score 22 1 2, x 1 points here, but I said, I now have 1 points from polar white noticed that she because she said much, much better what probably has to do with the fact that this. Fa be is more liquid that's, what I really noticed when I filled it up so much that a lot more material came up no, But that just struck me here when I was painting it, now, the painted one smells a bit so see ahead, wash it out.

And then it goes on to friends, It goes with the ruby same game, it's waste out and also two points again, roll on the surface. Yes, you can see that it also comes from the same factory, but I would, I'm not a scientist, but technically we have a thinner color than the Alpina. So I wouldn't equate these colors in the first impression with Alpina today, I was and have been, and I saw these little pots at obi deck Come on. It was a great thing to try out and had to watch how it really is now again, because that also interested me, personally, what I always wanted to see how everything works, how the colors look in comparison to each other. Yes, friends. So we have now processed.

The colors I have to honestly say that Alpina had the best ratio of creaminess. It was a very firm bike. Not as fluid as, for example, that of obi or solaria. And I have to honestly say at at first glance, I wouldn't see a big difference. Go a bit further away. Yes, good.

One would already say that maybe the right one doesn't cover a bit as much as the left. So Alpina, I would almost say looks the best what do you say about that? Now, which color covers best or what looks best here a little here. You can see a bite, but you also have to consider that we had a very, very dark background, here, yes, and. You have to see why if you paint it twice, let's, just take a look at how the whole thing looks with the second line and what kind of surface we can then manage yes, before another one washes out the action again. And we continue with the second coat of paint like that. And then we're already done.

The surfaces are painted. Now I take off the tape, and you can see the stark difference again. The first time I got the sharp color cards, it is power was scarf. That is small outlier was overall very good. Now, come definitely lets see what kind of dark color have painted over with two strokes, that's already a blatant difference if you look at it, and I think the behavior of the deck turned out very well with all three colors, but we're, letting the entire thing dry again, when it's dry, the whole thing always looks a bit different. And I would say, we'll, just take a look at it again in the hour, yes, friends, Our test is complete. And I have to honestly say, I'm, really amazed when I find it very amazing.

That you can see such a big difference here, because when you think about the fact that these colors come from the factory like this color, but they are so different. The lithography made me feel good. Initially American cook is the composition because the key dangers are just not as good as the colors are a bit creamier a bit firmer. Yes. He had Alpina clearly ahead of the game, the color of obi kick white. And polar white are not many of the respects from my feeling.

They are identical in behavior in. Contrast to the Alpina, yes, then we got down to painting m, brushing on the first coat went perfectly with the Alpina has a very constant solid color. Then, when we brushed, we also noticed polar white here, obi. The roller was more concerned with color 1, because just a little in lower film material, pigments whatever is in there as I said, I'm, not a scientist, that's, all my opinion. And what struck me was that as a painter and varnished, I'd like to explain that a bit now, well, it's, dried up from the. West, I'd say Alpina, white has a nicer most.

If you after approaching, you can see that this. And this color here is a little darker in contrast to the Alpina. I also want to say that I don't know the polar white and the obi, because they look identical to me in contrast to the Alpina from the deck restrained. All three colors were pretty good on the first coat. You could just see that Alpina also had an opaque surface heighten, in contrast to the two, was the worst when it came to the first coat, the. Obi white cut off that was a bit worse than the polar white.

The second coat, but you can see that all the colors are not well covered, which I noticed with the second coat, the obi has it white? One fails in contrast to the other two colors, because it has become a little stressful. Yes, good. We have to consider now we have the cheapest colors here test feel darker background. But nevertheless, obi does not come out on top in this test.

Yes, my favorite the man is and will remain that. Them standard. Knows that is my color that I mainly use in terms of price- performance ratio. And I find this color optimal, but that's, not the point. Now, yes, I would also like to come to the conclusion so mine and conclusion, I personally would prank someone who is no longer familiar with the subject for the first time I would In any case, It is advisable to take a look at the Alpina white because I think that someone could have problems working with such colors, yes, through the deck behavior. And so on, I think.

The same would work really well with the Alpina white, instead of something like this going there, I personally would choose one of the two here. But only if it is a wood chip wallpaper that is freshly papered or any other wall color that you just want to freshen up. You are good with these colors, because what do you want such a wall?

Color, Although, they have everything well, covered no question. But if you want to save money, you have to watch every euro, then you should decide on one of the two here.First as I said for refreshing, these colors are ideal. And if a wall works that he the sparkle was deleted now center, pp. And you want to fall on it. So you really ve dirty wall, definitely not from the two then I would take a player that's. Just my conclusion because as I said, that's, all just my opinion. This test relates, exclusively to obi I got these colors, these three little pots and I just wanted let's see how the whole thing looks for me personally.

It was a great thing. I saw for the. First time how something like that looks in relation, and in contrast to each other, and I was really impressed, I didn't think that there are so big differences between these two colors and this one, because as said, his Alpina works are made Alpina. And polar white comes from PRI lux. I have to say to myself good. I hope you come take something with you. It helped you a bit further.

I thank you. In any case for looking if you have any questions or so it could be like and write in the comments and I. Would also like your experience are you interested have had similar experiences, or what can you do 14 as I said, it was all about the obi hardware store. It has nothing to do with it etcetera, because I just wanted to take a look someone who doesn't have a lot of money who has to look at every euro the way.

The whole thing looks here. Now like I said, long, story, short, I. Thank you for seeing that ask the comments and I wish, you are a wonderful day, lots of success and take care.