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Hello, everybody, welcome back to my channel. My name is Ashley, and I'm a stay-at-home mom of two young kids, and I'm so happy you stopped by today, I'm going to have a grocery haul for you from three places. I did a Walmart. Pickup. I went in-store shopping at Aldi. And then I also did an in-store pickup at Sam's club.

Today's grocery haul is going to be in collaboration with my friend Taylor, Elmore I'll, be sure to link her channel down below, and please definitely check her channel out. If you like. My content you are going to love hers. She is probably one of the best what's for dinner YouTubers. I know, and all of her content is really relatable it's about being a stay-at-home mom, it's about homeschooling cooking.

Anything just normal day-to-day life, she's, a perfect friend, and she certainly deserves you to go ahead and check out her channel. So once again, I will have that linked below. So you can go check it out so let's, go ahead and get started with today's grocery haul I'm going to go. Ahead and start with my Walmart, pickup so let's get into it. So we're gonna start with the Walmart haul. And you can see everything that I got here, and it's really not too much it's just brand specific things or things that I have like, I can't really get at Aldi or another store up.

First we have, uh, my absolute favorite, my chopped onions. Um, these are absolutely wonderful. If you have not tried frozen chopped, onions, certainly give them a go. Then just some peas and carrots restock. Once again, Aldi.

Doesn't really sell just peas and carrots. They do like peas, carrots and green beans. So I like to get just the peas and carrots, uh, whenever I stop at Walmart over here, I just ran out of sesame seeds and black olives. These are just pantry restocks something that I'm brand specific on is soy sauce. I always buy this.

The store brands, just don't quite taste right to me. So I don't know, it's just something I'm willing to pay the extra price for then this was expensive. This was about six dollars. And this. Is green enchilada sauce I'm going to be making green enchiladas for next week's what's for dinner. And I wanted to give this a try.

I usually get just the, um, oh goodness. I cannot remember the name of it. So just like put a picture up here or something. But this was six dollars, it's, spotless ingredients, where's it at there we go. So here you can see the ingredients, there's almost nothing unnecessary added.

So yeah, a little rant and rave there we'll see how that is just some cream cheese. I didn't. Need too much white American cheese. I don't know why I prefer white American over yellow American, but um, it is what it is just a lemon and an onion for a recipe coming up. This is all just some pantry restocks.

So some flour tortillas. Some of our favorite bread, Sara lee, honey, wheat, okay. So here's, some oddball, uh, purchases so Ezra requested balloons. So here we go here are some balloons, and then I'm going to be making some springtime desserts. And one of them called for Robin's eggs, be sure to be on.

The lookout for that video there's going to be two really cute, really, tasty, spring, recipes in that video so that's what these are for. And then my massive amount of pickles, as always we got four, big ones and two small ones, and it's going to be perfect because I'm out of them. This is everything I got from Walmart. Alrighty.

So here is everything I got from Olney. You can see that I did get a good bet at Aldi. And I actually spent the most that I have ever spent at Aldi so let's get into it up. First. I.

Have a planner. So I've been thinking about getting a planner for a while now I'm trying to get my life together. And you know, kind of make some sort of video schedule or something more consistent so here's, the inside, if you're like me, and you want to know what this planner looks like.

So you get a weekly basis. And then you kind of get this little chore chart over here. So you got a shopping list. An errands list. I got one of their st. Patrick's Day.

Candles, this smells absolutely wonderful, I'm, very. Excited to burn it, I picked up, Noah, some iris hale we'll, see if he likes it, so I'm going to be making some steak hoagies coming up in next week's what's for dinner. And I wanted to get a decent cut of meat. And I've actually never seen this at Aldi before. But it is a thinly sliced rib eye steak. And honestly for rib, eye, that's, not a horrible price for two pounds of it. So I'll let, you know how this is.

And if you really want to know you can come back for next week's what's for dinner, then we just got. A seedless cucumber, some zucchini raspberries so ever since I made the beef stroganoff. A couple of weeks ago, I was really confused by how much I liked the mushrooms in it.

So I'm willing to keep trying mushrooms. And I don't know, maybe my taste change. Possibly I like mushrooms now, just some peppers and some blackberries just a, you know, typical vegetable restock.

So they had this candy land game in the um isle of shame. I mean, the special finds' aisle. And it was about ten dollars.

I don't know if that's a. Good price or not honestly, but we were talking about getting a couple more like five-year-old age range board games so that we could play them with Ezra. So I thought he would really like that back there, just some milk restock generally. This is just all dairy stock.

So here I have some sliced provolone cheese, two bricks of mozzarella cheese and a brick of cheddar. Some shredded Parmesan. I always like to keep this on hand, some whole milk, plain Greek, yogurt, I'm going to be making some yogurt sauces. For some recipes, then, um, just a continuation of pantry restocks. Some canola oil.

These were a special find. I have these last year honestly, I didn't buy them from Aldi, but I did have them, and they're pretty good honestly, they're, too sweet for me. But the kids will like them for a special treat.

Then I was so happy. They still had the maple French toast. Bagels. So of course, I got a pack of that the brioche buns to use with the rib eye meat for the hoagies, some naan bread, I'm going to be making butter. Chicken rigatoni, and oh, the verdict is in on the Aldi brand Cheerios. So when I bought the extra toasty ones, they were pretty good.

They didn't quite taste exactly like toasty Cheerios, but they were definitely good enough to keep buying for the price difference. So this time I decided to just try the original variety. And the price difference was still way cheaper. So I'll report back on the original variety to see if they are a little better or worse than the extra toasty over here. I saw my friend.

Taylor Elmore get some of these wafer rolls in her dollar tree haul. And she mentioned that at Aldi it's, generally a better price. So I went ahead and picked those up to try them.

I got the chocolate hazelnut, uh, some vanilla pudding for some recipes coming up ran out of honey. Gee. I don't know why my camera is not focusing very well. Some onion rings, Aldi, doesn't, usually have these. So I wanted to go ahead and pick them up also. They didn't have fries today, and I really needed fries.

So these will do. The kids do like onion rings, just some restock on our favorite thin crust. Pizza. I did get two of them. Kids will eat that for lunch.

I forget who I saw talk about this, but basically they said, do not sleep on this. This makes some delicious like muffins in the morning. So I will, um report back I'm, really excited to try this. I might even try it tomorrow. Then back here, if you know, you know, I got like nine million bags of hash browns. It is what it is. And here is something new.

I've seen these. I've seen. People like lose their mind for these before. And both of my kids love the rice cakes. So I checked out the ingredients on the back to see if there was any like funky flavor, and it just looks like it's, sweet, rice cake.

So, yeah, they should really love these. I might like them too just a normal restock of our French toast sticks. They only had two boxes. I really wanted to buy four today because we are totally out, but two is just fine I'll, make them like extra waffles or something this week. Some nutty.

Buddies some more honeybuns because Ezra loved these. And so did I, and then Tess is a corn dog, fiend. She loves corn dogs like so so much. So yeah, thought, I would pick her up some of those to see how she likes the Aldi variety. And that is everything I got from Aldi. So I did forget.

I did actually purchase two additional things from Aldi. I got each of the kids a weighted blanket. So these are special finds. If you can get a hold of them, definitely go for it. They are already out of their packages.

Because as soon as I got into the door, both of the kids immediately tore into them and were very excited about both of them. So, yeah, I had to go grab it from each of them, real quick. So that I could show these, and they certainly want them back, so I'm going to wrap this up here is everything.

I got from Sam's club. So let's, go ahead and start over here. I got a 30 count box of barbecue chips. This was new, and we all really love barbecue chips. So I don't see how that this would be a miss at all we're. All pretty excited to try these, uh, Noah loves his bagels.

So we got a restocking of two of those. It is much cheaper to buy the two pack from Sam's club. Uh, some of our favorite snacks. Some beef jerky. This is new. This is like a special spring, find it's, a Ferrero, Ferrero, richer, uh, crispy, egg, assortment. So here you can take a look at what they look like.

We did have one. They are very tasty, it's, a good price for Ferrero richer, too. Usually, those are really expensive. I think that was 14 or so up here, just.

Some restock on the kids favorite oatmeal, the fruit and cream they will eat that if they don't like what I made for dinner or lunch, breakfast anything. This is just to eat anytime food. We needed some more body wash. So I thought I would go ahead and try, oh, gosh. I was so much heavier than I expected. So I'm going to try this Aveiro body wash?

I was using the dove extreme winter moisture. And that was really nice. So hopefully this works out too Tess is basically ready to start potty training. So we got. Some pull-ups pine salt. This is what I clean my floors with, and you get, um two at Sam's club. And then here is all of our drink refill.

So just some bubbly Delacroix and Noah's Arnold Palmer's. Okay. So that is going to go ahead and wrap up. My grocery haul for today. Now, I'm going to go ahead and go over the totals. So Walmart was 72-62 Aldi was 204 and 17 cents and Sam's club was 164.76. So I am no math.

Wizard. I believe the total somewhere around here. And if I had to take a guess I would say, we're, Probably close to about 450 dollars which thank you so much for watching today, be sure to check out my friend Taylor Elmore once again, her channel is linked down below in the description box. Thank you so much for collabing with me.

Today, Taylor I'm really excited about this. Thank you. Everybody so much for watching please give me a thumbs up.

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