We Arrested A Violent Criminal

Mani weather is this is very good. You know, I wasn't always writing domestic abusers like a horse and buggy. But today it was a bit different. It started off like any other Tuesday after raging our faces off. We hopped on a 5, a.m. flight, exhausted as hell to meet this guy, Pat email, patty is an experienced bail enforcement agent otherwise known as a bounty hunter, a person who captures fugitives or criminals for a bounty. Now today, my brother Jake and I were going to become bounty hunters. And we.

Actually captured two other criminals earlier that day, which you'll see in the near future, so make sure you subscribe. But yeah, this was a last one of the day, which is why my pants are ripped. So please ignore my wiener. But first, obviously we had to get briefed almost I'm going to give you a little different direction that one okay, I want to fight the biggest do you got that's?

What we're going to teach you? Sadly, if our suspects here, and you have a visit, you have a position of advantage over him and. You're behind them and I, look at you and I go like this.

That means I want you to go hands-on with this guy, I give you the signal you it and that's exactly what happens. Oh, look that was easy. Just let me do it well done and that's all the training you need. No, no, no, no, no, no I don't, but then I have to be dry.

Stun just can I Drive stun him. We have to get you certified here. all right. Yeah. It's time to go catch some bad guys just got the brief. This will be a third apprehension of the day.

Broke my finger and the first one should be okay. But today this guy's name is Freddy. He looks like this. He was apparently a violent offender and not just any kind of violence, apparently when he beat his wife, that's, not cool at all Freddy now, I'm fricking mad, and I'm going to apprehend, you violently and aggressively. So also they're kind of like going to put us in charge for this one, because we've been doing it all day.

And at this time, we're pros, we're, not doing a Eve occasion based on failure to. Appear we're doing a relocation based on a report of domestic assault. The wife calls the bail bonds company says, my husband who she co-signed on the bond with assaulted, her again, and so we're revoking, the bond based on that as soon as we identify her we'll, make sure that she's, okay, first and foremost and then we'll locate the male. And as soon as we locate the male and identify that he has no weapons.

We send you guys in for straight-up, take that the dogs, you know, send it the guns time? We have to. Wait for the don't want him here, I'm a single mom, I. Am I taking care of my kids I want nothing to do with him.

Okay, at what point were you going to call and tell us that he wasn't here, because we called you not 30 minutes ago and said, we're on her way I told you guys I was like, hey, he him and I are done. You don't want anything to do with them, I don't want any of this drama if he's in the house for you to tell me, right now, you're putting a lot of people in danger, he's, not if she's, so he's in house, You're going to jail you understand that you think she's lying on Freddy, you think he's here, I think, Freddy's here buddy, come on I'm operating. We know you're here. Fred Freddy are you sure you want this smoke before we really does it like this? Are you feeling froggy Freddy in this apprehension we're more just like the executioner's? You know, yeah, run if you're upstairs. Thank you.

So now I still think I still think she's, , right? How about that? Oh, boy, I'm, not seeing them in here. Drafts of work. Address where he is right now. Let's go let's. Go.

Sorry. Buddy, here's, the situation, the white free ticket right gave us a work address? Apparently, this dude is still at work. We're gonna just show up at his workplace. You only went there because she told us not 30 minutes ago.

Yeah, he's home. Come on bye with that. Hey, hey, who's in charge who's in charge where's. Your supervisor Patti just walks around with his dick out, who's, a supervisor who's in charge here, what's your name. You know, you don't say. Anything don't say, anything you want to catch a felony charge for harboring a fugitive, one of your employees. Why does no one want to cooperate say, nope, one like that one more time I'm going to show that sausage so far up your ass, no here's, the deal I'm going to start pressing charges on people harboring, a fugitive because, I have information?

They put a felony fugitive here right now. Hands on the back your head on that this little girl, I'm sure you're in the low gang, obviously where's Freddie. You don't. Know, yeah, where's. Freddie. Okay.

What do you do? What are you doing here? This is tough. This is tough betrays, you're.

18 years, old, you're, like, oh, these guys, look like some good guy, throw some sausages down with the bullet just so you know, you know, you're protecting a woman-beater right, Patty's, not happy with anymore. If I'm being honest, just having very small tolerance for I have a very small penis. Huh. I said, I have a very small penis laughs what with us right now. Yeah, man. Why is everyone. Protecting this dude, this ain't easy.

What about this shutter right here? He's going to be in the shed. We appreciate your participation and cooperation. You seem like a good kid. You just got the chainsaw. Furthermore, you could be an accountant.

But now if you're trying to saw people in half where's, Freddie man, just tell us, you don't know, then why you come at us with the chainsaw seems a little aggressive don't. You think, hey, you know, we're coming in, hey, guys, we're, cutting the door. Freddie. You got about t-minus. Ten. Seconds I heard you punched your wife, not cool.

No, excuse me. A second give me a second through the time, no it's. His first time, using bolt cutters he's, he's, a strong kid in pound for pound. No you got you could do it. He could do it coming in.

We can do it he's going to take him a second come on all right. Freddie looks like you're safe today. Oh we'll, go with it. Nope. Never put you back to a door.

Oh, never put you back to a door. Patti. Why don't we get the real saw Jake, Jake, Jake Freddie's here, yeah, I think? He's in the barn, you goddamn right?

I do I'm creative, but it's, just a little thing there you go that was nice of you Jake. You didn't have to do that though, yeah, you did it that was first top of you man, it's, always destroying anything. How is the sausage date? They go over juicy. Okay.

He's. Not in here. , holy I. See him, he's a real human he's, got a shovel only come out of that side of that side, leave it.

There bro, bro, hey, what the are you doing bro since when do you drink? Beer, I, don't, bro, Come on Freddie hands. First, it could be real easy, I'm, riding with my hands. This is crazy, hey, I'm, putting you to sleep. Now, oh, he's, bleeding red, he's, bleeding. Come on Freddie.

Don't resist stop. Resisting stop. Resisting stop. Resisting put that right here behind your back sir. We've got your good eye.

It's done Fred, I know, it's done Fred. Yeah, yeah. Oh my god, yeah, we like Oh Freddie.

So home, we bled all over me all over me. This is disgusting Freddie. Why'd you do that? Man, hey, it's all fun and games until. You're, riding a domestic abuser like a horse. Then it's, not fun that's.

Just what the first spin Freddie brought your friends, make a great sausage link. Yeah, you know, this dude, I'm, not going to lie might be the strongest. Dude, I've ever felt in my life.

Get a beer over here. Point man, bro Savage, are you stressed out? Yes, necessary, completely. Do you think we have a future and bail enforcement I think you guys would be kicking ass anytime you want on nice? Thank you. Yeah.

I would have I be I'd be happy to. Have you guys back as my partner anytime Oh drinking on the job? Yeah, hey, if you're not subscribed hit that subscribe button, I'm, cooking, love. You give the video a thumbs up.

He wants us to do more with Paddy mayo and the team. Okay, I'll. See you next and bye. He could do it. You could do it.