Tv Sharp Slim Gambar Melengkung

Hi, okay, friends, on this video opportunity,, I got a sharp Alexander slim TV. Service, a curved image, how to deal with a sharp slim TV, The image is curved, The image is wide, follow this video, Then we will check the normal voltage in the female circuit to overcome the sub slim, Curved image. Okay,, I have disassembled. The engine, let's, bring it closer, here.

It is. And we turn on the TV, OK, The TV is on, hi. And now we measure the voltage on the female final transistor. It should be 20-27 volts.

In the middle leg of the female final transistor, our next step is to sort it out, where does the middle leg go, Because here then there is a resistor r. 642 type c, The code is her, This leads to the l603 coil, here. We measure it in this coil. The voltage is 13 volts, by the way, maybe oh yes, This is the transistor, hi, The code is DC. 1913, the base is base minus = tp410ur.

The difference with tip41 is that behind. It is not straight iron, cute 41, right? There is iron like this, hi, if friends. Encounter damage, it turns out that this damaged transistor can be replaced directly using a tip41 transistor like this, but it needs to be coated with atoms or a kind of layer here, So don't let it directly connect to the cooler, Now we'll try to measure it, hi, is this transistor, complete, yes, like this, connect.

Then the red prof in the middle is also connected, yes, The mint base means it's good, like this, Then the black prof let's, try to put it in the middle leg, Does it run, Doesn't mean, The transistor is good, it's still good, because we're back like this, it doesn't work, no hi, It doesn't work, okay, it's, still good, Turn on the TV, yes, it's already, on. Let's measure, the voltage in the middle leg. This is hi, uh, truck, 70-76 volts. Yes, it's very good, regardless you hi means. D. If the inductor part of this winding reaches the horizontal part.

Oh, yes. The female circuit in this section. The female circuit is still normal. Okay. I have installed the final web transistor again. Now we will.

Check this small driver transistor does not check the voltage, It is already on. Then we measure the voltage at the middle leg of the transistor here, first, yes, It turns off, the voltage is 9 volts, We check on the emitter, hi here. It is measured only 1.90, Normally. There should be a voltage of 19, volts, yes, here, Then we check the voltage at the collector in the middle, It is 0, 6 means zero, Then we check again at the base of the transistor, The instructor is 1.3 volts, Then we measure again. In this section, it's, zero, yes, The emitter is zero, Then we measure the collector as well, Then we measure the base part as well, So it's, all zero. Okay, we'll, find out where the female driver transistor. Voltage source comes from, yes, This is the path from here to here.

Then this has a tick resistor. Then here the path is soft. It leads here and ends here. Yes, there is a resistor then enter here. It's the source from here. Yes, did this resistor break then so that the other driver, this one, is also.

Taken from here from this resistor, this is the direction, hear, hear, You get it, yes, The emitter is the same, from here, yes, here. It is measured at 1.4. Volts, let's. Look again at the eggs, here, There are four membrane. Here, There is a c670, This is an Eco, Then here there is a diode.

And it turns out that the Tumblr is from the fly back, and I'll try to remove it from the improving flight, Take off. This mixed part, we'll measure here, how much the voltage dissolves, normally it's around 19-20. Volts here, huh, yes, We have it open, We try again, test the voltage and say it to the electricity, Then we measure here. The voltage turns out to be zero, that means it's from the source Yes, Even if there is no pin voltage in this section, If you read the fly back dataset , there is a voltage of 16 volts, actually here. And let's try to measure the diode, The program might be shot, Yes, it's, good, it's, good., The previous technician was replaced with a slim staff, plebe too. But those who don't.

Have girls, okay for friends, The solution is to just replace the product, yes, with the appropriate series that can issue a voltage here of 19 volts, But here I have thought about how to make an external voltage without having to replace the LED. Okay, friends I will make an external voltage using an in4007 diode or her 20, five ODHA, I will connect this section to ground. Then there is this white line. We connect the cable. Then we wrap it into the fairy tale back section from ground. Then recreate.

The white one covered by the cable, then the cable wrapped, counterclockwise, yes, 22 windings that I use to get a voltage of about 19 volts. Okay, I have made this winding like this. Then we first cut the line that leads to this trade. Yes, we break the line. Then we plug it in here.

Hi, hi, no, ok, like this, We measure 33 here, and it keeps going up, okay, because without the load, the voltage will continue to rise, So the voltage, as soon as it gets, the load is immediately detected, how fast the voltage is, We turn on the TV, it's on. And we measure the voltage here, 17, volt, generator, think this is enough yes, basically, the voltage must be 16-19 volts, here. There is already a voltage of 17 volts, yes, hi bikini, We measure 17 volts, then restore it to 15 volts. Then on the other side there are 16 volts, We measure on this ticket 16 volts here if to the emitter, then at the collector, it looks like the collector is zero, yes, Then the base is also yes, bass it's outputting, a voltage of 15 volts, yes, Once the side is basically the same as the voltage between the right and left legs, The step in the middle is empty, yes. And we check again that the driver next to it is empty, Then we measure 15vol in the middle, yes, the middle and the edge, here, yes, 10, because we already got We measure this voltage as well as the voltage in the middle for the final output, 16-port, yes, previously it only issued a voltage of about 9 volts, Now it has issued a voltage, hi, It looks on the screen here, We see.

That there has been progress, The picture is square, no longer either curved, while the previous yes, let's see, the curve looks very good, friends, And the second problem is that it's too wide, now because it's too wide, usually a TV of this type uses. Raw, like this, horizontal, steady, The service mode setting can be reduced, But after I entered this code, he noticed this heart already zero, so it's already stuck at this minimum in the service mode, settings, It can't be changed again after the mode. Runs out, if it's replaced, the smaller, the output voltage from this new transistor,, hi, The bottom is 16, okay, from there, I'll, try to replace it using an 18 NATO capacitor. The picture is wide, There is no issue, It seems to replace it with an 1860 capacitor, yes, 1838 pearl, The impact is like changing this. So that the girl circuit can work very normally, yes, I have replaced the capacitor using an 18 NATO. Capacitor. Now, We measure the voltage at the middle leg of the female transistor.

Again. Yes, it becomes 19.3 blue volts, unplugged first I will use this transformer, yes, This is a transformer from sharp slim TV, Thank goodness. This leg is connected. Then this with this one that is already connected, Let me try to attach it to one of these legs, which one is the smaller picture. First remove this one. Then we connect the transformer legs that have been here, yes, at the very end, Then the cable is the person from the machine, I tried to put it on the third leg, hi, it's, not like. This, now we try, it's, not thin, it's already lit, We measure the water, The water is 16.5.

02.00 30, The business goes up, The picture looks okay. The picture becomes small like this and try to enter the service mode, We are small, We increase the value of the result, First we turn off the TV, then press the volume mint and ch, plus buttons, We press and hold. And then we turn on all the sites' www paint. Okay, it has entered service mode, If it has entered service mode like this, we press the. Menu on the TV, yes, three times, 123, Here we press the ch plus button to search for the hashtag XYZ. Eh?

Steve trap, keep looking for haze the position. Now Nio, we change the number until it matches. The picture, press volume + Indonesia like this until you hear it until it matches what we want okay, I r. Hope, that's, enough, yes, We have 25 menstruation, 25 is enough like this, Then we turn off the TV, hi. And we turn it all on again, Oh yes, This is the right picture, The right and left are full. And the square is good.