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Hello everyone, I'm back to my TV channel today, my brother and I will go back to make fashion series. Right? Away, follow Tie. TOK, wait a little longer, just keep it like every time. I hear this name, I'm, scared., It's, terrifying that we each have ten minutes to do it, but you're up to 56 things in a summary to do it, don't, get tired, don't.

Let me tell you, you play TikTok only twelve or twenty This is a simple. One I, like., Not. This time, anyone thinks it's strange that someone on YouTube will. Soon have a very big hair, channel, its YouTube channel, It's, almost 8youtube. But you won't continue playing, isn't.

This is your loss, okay, What can I say My opinion of everyone I'm active on YouTube, I, just put my whole heart into it Now I'm doing it YouTube now makes TikTok again, Its gray matter is divided into two, Then the actor is the quality of the product. Go on your YouTube. Channel, I. See you are too strict with the content Dish, each country on TikTok. It only has a few tens of seconds, Now you are used to a video Upload it for the audience to watch entertainment, mainly It's about having a social platform to interact with your fans,, so let's play. It well, I'm new to TikTok.

Now, I know, it's coming. And you Trey Vine wants your TikTok channel to increase Follow. This is not easy.

Like. I. Want, I have this secret, it's important. If you dare to do it or not, you say, it., You say, go out, then make love like it's, online. It's like the toothpaste comes out with toys. Inside. Kids, don't.

Think it's much better to charge a phone with a watermelon, why charge a phone with a grenade, don't, wait for me to find my new channel, I heard that I will download the hair Come play like you guys, this Tie, TOK, ID, I'll name. It is Tony 19. Then you stay. But if it's big , I'll, be 0 1994, please That's ok, subscribe, Welcome to the channel Wish, all the only Con Trey Vine, and other channels related to it are mostly fake with you guys, I. Invite you to watch a challenge of mine. Here. You see the water is.

Flowing, isn't it normal. But now I'll, cut it a because I can't, wait to come down and hate to play, so I'll, do it tomorrow, I'll? Do it? Okay? And here you are, the water is flowing. The.

Scissors can cut off the water and soak it in water 128, again, it's cool because it's not good say that. And then pretend you put your hand up and do something That's it, turn off the water, I'm, not normal, But both of you believe it., How, do you calculate it? Because it's a liquid, Why cut the two and think. It's simple to learn and follow, but what?, the aegis program it doesn't have enough so play us just you a mobile phone like a tripod that you can't have please help me easily on TikTok I have already done the one that cuts off the water just now.

Listen to the tripod, click, it, get used to it, say, this is a decision. Just, pull it in here and don't send the dining table, 012, try to breathe for 3 seconds to stop the drop of water, This is called and said, it's, not finished yet, guys, okay, Why did? It make it so simple, let me know if you wait to tell me what's wrong with clips The.

Next challenge on my TikTok channel is to drop the carpet below and get back no plastic for what if and you burn the carpet, it won't break you if it goes down, there., invest in a few glasses. What you do so stressful is not money, But my mother has used this clip for a long time and has fallen in love with it, She swears every time she goes by LY, thug, I'm, responsible for all of you guys turn up Ok. You vote. Second on my TikTok channel guys, you don't have much left.

I'm, humble It costs. A lot. Do I only need 50,000 hearts with 34 million beers and then hide? The question again., I filmed You pepper, and then I saw it, But the good pig ran out before my brother Ho Hugh left it far away to play and shoot. Give me.

The mode after 10, seconds, then I'll, choose it again. Let's, put this shrimp meat on you. That's. Why I just put your face on TikTok, mainly to feed you, fans, just give me more, it's.

So. Ridiculous that your father and son gained weight, it's, good for him, How many followers are there, Then one million two thousand go, You already have your father, I'll, keep up the good work, I'll build healthy content by myself It's, a bit slow, Why don't you just go there, Where did you say, you're going again, It means on TikTok channel already thousands of people do the same content as you call. It, people dance with your features. Now I do it, or I.

Don't have it. Oh, mom, How. Do we need to? Have a difference Well, This is the difference. You say that the two sides of the district teach to have a phone message or something else, wear dark glasses, Why can't you see the way to dance?

Thank you for hearing back, hurry up and get out of it. Say, what else? But the round shirt, doesn't matter, Why am I holding the baby under my armpits anymore, My husband asked me if I needed anything, I, don't know what to say, it's so beautiful, given the choice of Meteor, it's, always dancing and dancing, It's too wrong, or it's, more roundabout. Oh. My god, I forgot to turn. It off, that's, it., Your face on TikTok channel is for you to be a fan. It looks like it's, not charming, Trina, Help me.

Please help me once. At, the miniseries of braiding, my hair like this, You guys get 70 for the first liter, How much does this man have a unique way of filming?? Ok? No. You can't pick up the phone like that, The error is so boring. Can you try it first, So it will send the food before the phone is finished I. Replayed the video and I said that I have to be taller, and then I'm, not too hungry he's watching the thing slowly, Don't worry about it, God in general, His face looks familiar, so you're, a camera man, he's used to filming and can't see anything slick.

Can you do it? If you want to shoot this, you don't have to have slow motion on exactly stairs. Here. This chair too many things with bare hands. It's also, correct on this one.

I can be tall it's, beautiful, Now, come watch and film for all of you to see if. It's, okay, but you've been gone for a long, time., Stop, it., Just enter that, You son of a , you. Can't do anything then prepare. The rice, you guys have to go up. Again, okay, Okay.

Okay. Will. He watches it again. If you see anything, use the crocodile head, will my dog give TRI to convert Lam's. Head? You, see what this dumpling is, I'll teach Bun how to feed it, But when I don't allow it to eat, even if I put the dumpling in its throat, it won't dare to burn it., I, didn't, see the clip, She said that.

The was terrible. I didn't, tell you who it was because it scared the dog, but I want to accept it., Well, I know, what's scary, right? Let's, go and let it go. Hey, I forgot. But I forgot this message for a solution that can be effective, don't be afraid. If you watch the clip, then see it and don't see what people apply to dogs then it's, working I believe it now, This dumpling can't, even be eaten by mice, guys, I really don't want to be bomb bomb bomb here, all the dumplings called me, But the two of you. Turned no believe this is not a dog, it's sad, You know that now she pretends to be unpopular, so she's, not popular anymore, since that morning until now, my previous clip has me I'm, not very professional yet My wife is back Follow them all but I don't have the motivation to film anything, but I can't get back to you, My mind is so high and reasonable.

Try to develop on the YouTube platform like the TikTok, platform., But, I. Hope you guys will come and support Many a little more. Enthusiastically, but first, please click like in this clip., but subscribe to its channel, Tu yen I'm. Drop your heart, Drop, your heart on TikTok, but pay a little to like it and then hit the bell Okay. Now, I hope I will have more new ideas in the near future., but it's good for everyone to see, Now, the link and my TikTok IDs will be given under the description and write. If the products need you, me. And you guys now let's make an appointment to get it next?.