Solucion: No Se Puede Acceder A Este Sitio Web | Tengo Internet Pero No Cargan Las Paginas En Chrome

Hello friends, welcome to this new video, tutorial I am going to teach how to solve this problem that comes up when we enter a browser. And it appears that the website cannot be made and many times, we think that with the lack that we are not well-connected to the internet. In this case, I am going to show you.

And as you can see, I, am already connected I, disconnect, I, reconnect, I, go to connect. So you can see that this is true. We are already connected. We are going to enter and refresh we respect, Facebook.

And not yet, then one of the options that we do not I like it, but one could be clearing the cache ribbon. They can give control delete. Well, in this case since we're, not here, I'm going to open a new window. This was in it in an incognito window. So it didn't allow me to have control and delete.

And here you will be able to delete the history, the cache and everything that is saved in the browser. You can give it delete data. Ready in case. This does not work for you at home that.

E This does not work for. You, we are going to look at another alternative that has personally worked for me. And the gesture here in the description of this video. I will leave you these steps. The.

First thing you have to do is open cmd or the system, prompt or commands as administrator and this. Then we are going to write here in the cmd or command prompts here we are going to right-click. And we are going to run as administrator ready? We click on yes, here the command console does not appear. And we are going to enter the. Following code ready here we can copy it and paste. Ready, click enter wait for the statement to be executed.

Here, it says, restart the computer to complete this action /. We will restart it. Now later, we are going to copy this.

We are going to paste come on people. The catalog was restored successfully. You must restart the computer to complete this. And lastly, we are going to paste this statement and wilder's IP configuration successfully flushed the DN resolver cache. Here we have released everything.

That is the cache cell or everything that is stored within the browsers. We have cleaned and emptied all that information that is stored. And with this, we will be able to see correctly. The browser does not appear because we must restart I, am I going to restart the team and that you want to create good friends. And here we see that we already have internet access.

We are going to update the Google page and see that we already have internet. We can also enter Facebook. If you wish with the most reliable.

Pages to do here, you already have Internet or not, Another thing that must be taken into account is that it is to enter here in system. Symbols, run as administrator. And then we give it a client to give it permission. And here I forget to tell them that they must enter the root, that is, If we execute these sentences from windows, the light system, 32 is not going to successfully eliminate that cached information. We are going to give access again to CD until to get to the root where they are and.

And there without copying the code that had told you this, then as I say, I will leave it in the description of this video so that you can copy and paste it. Then, once you have done this, it is important for us to restart the equipment. So that the data has been saved correctly and to have access to the internet again, so leave in the comments if it worked for you, or if you had any inconvenience to my problem to know if these texts, if these steps were perfect for you, I hope, you have served don't. Forget subscribe to my channel like this video, save it in favorites. So that in case, it happens again, you have it for later and activate the notifications the bell. So you can see more videos of how it is.

Then we'll see you in a next video tutorial until the next truth.