Running Errands With My Mom! (New Room Shopping)

How was that I remember signing my first deal, mom, I'm in the car we're back, you should say what we're back is no because. I speak to every fan as a solo. Oh, okay, I need a coffee, and then we'll be good. Hello. Hello. Hello. Good morning.

Everyone. What is up what's going on we're back? Um.

So what are we? What are we looking for today? I have no idea a new bedspread, full-length mirror. Thank you. Have a good.

One, don't, talk to me like that. Okay, guys, basically, I just require food and a coffee, and I'll be better. Okay, anyway, hi good morning. Screw the other part of the vlog.

I was in a shitty mood. Why are you getting on the highway? I thought we were going home goods and stuff. Yeah, that's there's. Nothing at that home, that's, okay, okay.

Guys. So let me explain what's going on basically Wyatt moved out of the house. Why it's my older brother he's, not in any videos, really, but he moved out of the house. Hell.

Yeah, with that being said, I took his room so see, you know, he's, not the favorite son. I let Sadie take his. Room okay, Wyatt left. And I was like, why don't we redo my room? I need some new things.

I require my room to look better because right now, I'm feeling unmotivated, honestly. And honestly, in my new room, I really feel more motivated. I know it I like that.

Yeah, so I want to make this thing. I want to make this a video of me moving in there. And then Kelly decided one day when I was to be over at my friend's house, just move my everything in there without telling me, no, we had discussed that I wanted to start. Moving your things, and then you kept saying, you're, not going to do it you're, not going to do it. So I just didn't say that, yeah, you did. Anyway.

We went to IKEA the other day, uh that didn't turn out very well. Kelly almost broke my camera. Even let me finish what I was saying because have you done all your school work? Yeah, you better have it done? See, you know what that was your fault, so we're, trying this again, we're just going to go to home goods see what we can find just kind of another me and Kelly drive. With us vlog, you know, it was funny. We were talking about being in car accidents.

Last night I've been in three. And I at first was like, no, I've never been in an accident what's wrong with my memory. Oh, my god tell the story about when you almost got dead by the man tell this story. The difference with my situation was we didn't have cell phones. Then you guys didn't even have flip phones.

I know anyway, broke down on the highway. It was nighttime it was freezing out. So this person pulls over gets out. And says, do you need some help unless you left my bro, I don't know what the problem is. And as we were talking, we turned around, and we look and the whole front of my car was on fire whole thing.

So he was like, oh my gosh. We have to go call the fire department. So without thinking, because this is what happens to people. I just walked over, and it was freezing outside anyway. But he was like come on I'll just give you a ride up to the pay phone there's one around the corner.

So I walked over and got in. The van and when I got in the van, he started the ignition with a screwdriver and right when I saw that I looked over at the door panel and like the panel of the door was all off, no door handle. And there was a payphone right there. He was being honest when he said, there's, a pay phone right around the corner. So I got out called the police.

I don't know, I was young and not, not very street, smart. Okay, home goods. First cupcakes, I need California. King. This one's 106.90, I hate shopping, ladies and. Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the chain smokers and Kelsey ballerina.

Go Candice. We all got expectations, and sometimes they go wrong. But no one listens to me. So I make this story today, no that's bad for you.

, ready, yes, I think I've discovered. I just don't like clothes. I think that's why I like the warmer weather, I just love so much just not having to wear clothes. Furthermore, I don't like wearing clothes, like I wish I could go out and hang out with people like this just look how much better. This looks, um so much better. Okay, anyway, we went to target. We went to Marshall.

I got a comforter, Kelly, wasn't happy with it. So I put it back to make her happy, but she did buy me a fan. So that was very sweet, oh, um, but we're getting food.

Now I don't know what this vlog was make it a drive with us. Yeah, but we didn't even talk about anything. Yeah, let's find something to talk about.

Oh, Sean wants me to have a Halloween party. You said, you were having a Halloween thanksgiving and Christmas party. Well, I talked about the Halloween party with Shawn and destiny. The other night Halloween is actually on a Saturday. Can all my friends? Come?

Yeah? Well, it depends on who they are. Oh, he probably won't want to.

Oh, my god, the other day I was driving this car. And I had my hand on the wheel. I was literally driving, and I didn't even realize it and I heard honking.

And I was looking around. I was like the was honking. And the person I was with was like that's you. And I accidentally actually, hmm.

Okay, guys. My. Camera's about to die, but that's, all we have for today. I don't, even like, I don't know, but Aaron's with you Erin's with Kelly.

We have to go to the house. Yeah, make sure to give this video a big. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure you hit the subscribe button down below and give this video. A thumbs up.

I can't leave what you used to say that do whatever you want. I love you guys.