Q&A: Should I Become A Sufi? - Dr. Shabir Ally

You're watching let the Quran speak. Now we answer questions we've received from you our viewers. If you have a question yourself, please visit our website, www.quranspeaks.com and submit your question there. Okay, brother shepherd. This is a question about Sufism. This person is asking what is your view about Sufism and saying, the person says, I have a tendency to be more spiritual than religious.

I like the honesty and open-hearted character of Sufism, which is all embracing in nature. What do you think? Selfism can mean many things to many, uh, people because they're different approaches to Sufism there's, a philosophical Sufism, which goes into ideas about how god is and how some ideas within that broader field, uh may be seen by some conservative Muslims as uh being contrary to Islamic thought. For example, the idea that god is somehow imminent in his creation, whereas traditionally, we think of god as being transcendent and those therefore separate and distinct from his creation. Sometimes. That distinction gets blurred in some philosophical approaches within Sufism, but on the whole Sufi tend to emphasize the remembrance of god, love and attachment with god, disattachment from the or detachment from the things of this world.

And they they they do have an all-embracing type of outlook. In which case they think of people in a more holistic sense. And their way has a way of bringing people together and often is seen to be attractive to somebody looking into Islam, uh from the outside. So do you think Muslims or people should consider becoming a Sufi? Well, Sufism is one of the practices within the broader Muslim framework. And I mean, we have many approaches some appeal to some people and some appeal to some other people. We should embrace that all when we speak about Islam being followed by 1.2 billion people today, we're within that 1.2 billion Sufi do exist as well.

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