Peta Warns That Hermit Crabs Are Complex Animals

Jillian, you pitched a story about hermit crabs. What do you get? Well, one of the best souvenirs at the Jersey Shore is the hermit crab you're walking down the boardwalk. You see them in the cage they're, very exciting.

And they seem like the best choice for our first-time pet for a little kid. Now you can pick from 100 inside the cage they're, very exciting. They've got colorful shells, and it looks like they have everything that you need to house this hermit crab. But apparently that's, not true PETA came.

Out to say that it's actually better to get a commemorative t-shirt, then actually get a hermit crab. Of course, of course, I needed to look into this know, when I talk to somebody from PETA, they just said that hermit crabs are much more complex than the boardwalk makes them out they're. Complex animals with very complicated needs they're, not starter pets that any kid can just automatically know what to do with it. So I wanted to talk to somebody that actually bought a hermit crab. And luckily, my aunt.

Bought three hermit crabs for my two little cousin, she bought exactly what she thought that she should buy only to buy a book and found out they were doing it. All wrong I read the book I just didn't realize, you know that you really do require special care and want to deter anybody from buying the pet, but they just want to say that you need to do your research. Because if you just get it on the boardwalk that little hermit crab that you have will last only a few weeks when it actually could. Live up to 30 years. Now you can't, you can't, eat them.

Right? You cannot eat a hermit crab. Not with that attitude. You can't. Listen.

When I was 9 years, old, I, bought sea monkeys out of the back of a daredevil comic book, and they died immediately I want to know where PETA is on the sea. Monkeys brine shrimp. Hello, I, don't care. What they tell you it.

It smells. The cage smells. It's disgusting, really I have to completely disagree.

You won't even believe the type of habitat that my aunt has made for these. Three hermit crabs, and now they have personalities. The kids love them and I know, it's kind of like personnel. Some of them are a little more shy. They come out at night. And the kids love to watch them hermit crab outgrew his cage busts out and starts lurking and Lego patron all right, obviously, though there are houses available in Ridge wood.