Opening A Premium Pocket Monsters Ball Collection - (Special 01)

Hey, guys, massive legend here, unfortunately, sometimes things come to an end. Do you really want cutting plant for it to go this way? But yeah, this whole operation. Sorry. Now is there anything from this ruble?

You want me to open as a final goodbye. Anything on my look at days. Alright, guys. This is my final. Video, pocket monster, bulk collection special.

Some very cool decals on the side there. And this one is by Banzai. We've done a ton of a ton of different stuff back with Pokmon for many years. I, don't, really know what these look like I have it at oh, my god, I, haven't, actually slipped this. This sheath off the top there. So pocket monster ball collection special. How do we do it?

Let's? Do it? This is very premium. Oh, my god. Look at those little hollow, silver, decals, Pikachu, squirrel, Bulbasaur, Character, all the different balls there.

Alright, let's have a peek. Nothing let's have a peek, the Pocket Monsters Bowl collection. Maybe reports, come in seven colors, white red, blue, black pink green and. Yellow there's, a different poke ball made from each color, April corn, and every kind of poke ball has its own name, its own special colors and its own specific uses. Alright, I am I'm such an amateur I could not name these for you. We've got what appears to be. Some are some poker mints, not mints, but minus.

Okay. So let's just start with the basic. So these are all just very premium high-grade plastic, they're, the small balls that sit on the waistline before they become the big balls, and they open up. Yeah, they open up kind of just like a little plastic ball got a shitty one here. This is just for comparison. This is what they'd usually look like from another set.

A lot more budget. A lot more dark it's. A lot older I, guess, but minify in there I'm, not actually sure what this one is from, and that we have some clips guess this just kind of okay, this plugs in there, and then they put them on your pants up. Next.

We have what is this the premier ball, very nice, white glossy ball premiere ball, used, oh, Wait what the hell is in this that's, just to sort of hold out the inside, why did the poker ball? Not have one of those premier ball in the law it's used for a special event or something like that in the games I think you get one every time you buy ten poke balls, and it has the exact same catch rate as a poker ball. Just a different design up. Next I'm, just going to do the ones that I know, the Ultra Ball. It doesn't look as good as the poker ball, the premier ball and let's see if it's got them, what. The hell this one doesn't have the plastic inside that's. So weird, Ultra Ball.

A hundred percent higher catch rate than a poker ball. 33% higher catch rate, then a great ball speaking of which, whereas the great ball here's, the great ball, whoa, God. Okay. This one is . Fantastic I. Never understood why great balls were lesser than an ultra ball. I mean, look at this look at this.

This is wild nothing inside very nice, great ball. There up next I, don't, quick ball, baby, it's, a cool design, not as good. As the others, one of my least favorites, a quick ball. It could be quick might be a different slightly different.

Yellow design. Quick poll gives you I think easier chance to catch a Pokmon the earlier you use it in battle up next I don't know. This one I think . This is a dusk ball very ugly. Design, big disgusting, orange, off dirty front piece. There is god that looks disgusting. Dirty.

Green disgusting, Teenage, Mutant, Ninja, Turtle, green and orange just disgusting all around good thing. You don't have. To actually see these balls in person because anytime you'd actually use one, it would be pitch black high catch rate in a cave somewhere dark. Or at nighttime, dusk bowl, . Next I'm, not a hundred percent. Sure on this one at all, it could be a heel ball.

I think, maybe which here was the Pokmon a bit when you catch it or something I, don't know that I think they were kind always useless. It might be some other thing I'm, not to sure off like showing you Pokmon off. You know, those catwalks or. Whatever you force them to wear hats and , I, don't know, but again, kind of ugly, you got some sort of cream glamour and a muted pink sort of dirty. Nothing on the inside. Just the premiere ball had a bit of plastic on the inside I, don't know what the . The point of that is up next can't place.

It no idea talk, the light, no timer ball. Maybe so if it is time, yeah, I think it's a timer ball similar to a quick ball. But the later it gets in battle. The more chance you have of catching the Pokmon. With the quick ball, if this is a quick Bowl, the sooner in battle, you try to use it the better, you know, what I came into this thinking that I would now like two, or I would remember to, and I think I'm doing pretty good there's.

One that I'm saving the master of all just because you've got to kind of save that for last. We've got some more clips here. And then we've got this.

This one is a luxury ball, baby, I mean, I know, there is a luxury ball and this one's golden black. It does a very luxurious I. Can't remember its use I swear, it's just similar to a premier ball, but like a lighter better more premium version or something it could be wrong. Again, I don't know if it has any effects or at least I can't, remember, if it does, or if even that is the luxury ball, but I think I've done pretty good. We've got only one more ball to go, which is, of course, whatever I know the master ball with a hundred percent catch rate I happen to have this master ball.

The big pink titties on top. And the big fat M. On the front there, this incredible poke ball allows me to capture any Pokmon. I use it against. And it has taken me 50 long years of hard work to get my hands on one of these shouldn't, you stop talking and start catching Nero, Mr. Sullivan. So it all boils down to this master ball, such, surely, this one has a bit of plastic. No, it does not I don't understand why anyone wants to tell me what this is the best comment, Abbas, stab at it also, please.

Let me know in the comments below anything I got wrong. With any of the bowls, and of course, let me know what each one actually does flex. Yeah, your ball knowledge, a little guys.

But yeah, that pretty much does it that's? The that's, the crme de la, crme, the master bowl all in all it's, probably what you'd expect it's very cool marked as being a premium collection and being from Banzai it's, it's, affordable, that's, still toys, they're, not super high-quality polished metal or anything like some of these fan made ones that companies sometimes sell not. Official, but yeah, there you go Ford. They are I really like them and I love the package design.

Oh, and this channels not going anywhere, of course, I am just I'm moving room, I'm relocating, this room I'm going somewhere else, and I am on the move for a little, but I'll still have some videos for you guys. So don't, mind they're, my destruction there, okay, what the , I missed. Once I was wondering why there was a gap I drop one out and I just lost it underneath, um, it's, nothing special. But there you. Go it's the wave ball, maybe netball, wait it's, I think it's I.

Think it doubles to catch bugs and water Pokmon. Possibly at least I, remember something like that. But it might be a newer sort of splash, water specific something ball dive ball. That was one of them wasn't that a dive ball. Anyway, there's that sweet, hey, I hope I'll use my trusty frying pan as a drive.