Let's Talk Taíno 24 - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Africa welcome to another episode of let's talk to you, I'm, Priscilla, colon, co-founder and creative here, Cesario where our mission is to promote the taint language and culture. So today, we're going to spiral back to some of the concepts that we've already known. So we can practice a little more. So spiraling is a concept used in teaching. And it allows you to go back to revisit or practice, some of the things that you already know you can use those things in a new way, let's say in a new scene, or. Context, and you can also add a few new items so that's, what we're going to be doing today, we're going to spiral back and revisit the concepts of past tense, present tense and future tense by just changing the scenes a little.

So for today's lesson we're going to start with a word bank. Now, all of these are words that you should have seen in previous episodes. If you haven't watched those episodes, I will put the links in the description below so let's, take a look at the words in the word bank. Socal yesterday, you're also going to be looking at some place, nouns Chiba forest farmland, Bharat house or home we're going to be looking at the verb moon to be in or at, and we're going to be using it in a few different tenses, including the present tense.

Moon. The past tense Manitoba was war in or at a place. And the future tense mini.

Na will be in or at a place. So let's start with the first question. What if someone asks you? Where were you the words we can use from our word bank are local yesterday. The verb moon to be in or at a place and Hebei forest. Now let's form our response, so I'm going to be using word chunks and phrases and then building up to the full sentence to make it easier for you yesterday. I was in the force.

Now don't worry, if you didn't get every single one of those words, you can just play this video back and refer to the English right next to the Dino let's do the next one. So what if someone asks man a, where are you, so we'll use the following words from the word bank, Sakai. Today, moon to be in or at Dakar Mai or home. So let's build up again with these words and phrases until we complete a full sentence today. I am in my house now let's talk about where you will be tomorrow.

So the question someone can ask is where will you be so for this section we're going to be using the following words from the word bank, data tomorrow moon to be in or at a place farmland? And this is how we can answer tomorrow. I will be at the farmland. You see how awesome that was so by using the.

Words for yesterday today and tomorrow you're able to practice the past the present and the future tense, and we're able to spiral back to those concepts. So let's review, the sentences that we put together one more time yesterday, I was in the forest today. I am in my house tomorrow. I will be at the farmland.

So today you have a little homework. I want you to either write or talk to somebody about where you went yesterday, where you go today and where you will be going tomorrow. And for that, you can use. The verb so just make sure that you know how to do the past the present and the future tenses. And you use the words yesterday today. And tomorrow, if you're in a taint study group make this part of your vocabulary and communication practice, the next time you meet, you can also use either the country names that you see on your screen or maybe just place names of places around where you live. Thank you again for joining me today, I'm so excited that you want to learn taint too, and actually you're doing.

Me a huge favor by creating these lessons I get to practice my taint, if you want to continue, practicing, please join us on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook. We are there. So you can ask questions, practice, your writing skills get to know a little more about taint.

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