How To Fill Out I-765 For Daca 2020 - The Right Way - Daca Renewal 2020

In this video I'm going to be showing you how to fill out the I-765, the application for employment authorization, the work permit application and the supporting document the WS form, the worksheet for individuals that have gum it's. The first thing you need to do, you need to go to the USCIS website. You need to download the most recent forms and I say, go to the USCIS website. Because if you download it last month, it may be that when you do submit, it there's a newer form because of that you should. Make sure that it's the most recent form, and you verify that by going to the website once you have the forms, this is what it looks like so top part, you leave blank this part right here is only completed if you have an attorney for part 1, the questions for individuals that are renewing select that you're, renewing.

You also attach a copy of your current work permit. You put your full name as it's on your work permit. And if you've ever used any other names, you place them here, if you got married and. You change your last thing you put it here. So you put your mailing address where you receive mail. And if that mailing address is the same as where you live then on that on question, six, you put that it is, and you leave this part blank. The next information is that you put you a number whatever you a number is the number is on your work permit it's, a nine-digit number whatever that is you put it here.

USCIS online account number. This only applies if you have a USCIS account if you don't. Then that's, fine it's, not necessary, but some people create an uses account. And if you have one, you put it here, your gender, male or female marital status, if you are in a relationship with your partner, but you're, not married you're living together, boyfriend/girlfriend living together, but you're, not married. Then you are single as well.

As if you got legally married to your partner, you're separated, but you never got a divorce, and then you're still technically considered married. If you don't know, Which one applies to you, let me know in the comments have you previously filed form I-765 for everyone. That is renewing yes, has the Social Security Administration ever officially issued. You are a Social Security card. If you have DACA, then you have a Social Security card.

So yes, and then you select whatever your social security number is from your card and put it here. If you currently have your social security card, then you don't want them to issue you another one because you have one already, however, If you have lost it, if you misplaced it, you lost it, it got destroyed, etc. And you do want them to issue you a new Social Security card.

Then you do select yes. And if you select yes, then on question, 15, you also have to answer, yes. And then if you answer, yes, then you put your parents name, your mother and your father's name. If you don't know, the name of one of your parents, then you can put unknown that's.

Fine. The next question is, where are you a citizen of it depends upon the country of your birth? If. You are born in Mexico. Then you are a citizen of Mexico.

Some countries I know in the Middle East, just because you were born. There doesn't make you a citizen for most of the individuals that are renewing back up that are from Latin America, it's likely that you are a citizen of the country or born. If you've been learning something so far, let me know in the comments. If you also want to see more videos like this, please, let me know by hitting that like button. The next part place of birth, it's. What's on your birth certificate.

Additionally, if you've previously renewed your Cod, then it should be the same information that you put last time. So your city of birth, your state of birth country of birth and date of birth. The next part is from I-94 information about your last arrival in the u.s. So the I-94, if you don't know what that it is likely that you don't have one it's likely that this question isn't apply to you. This is given to individuals when they enter the US with some sort of. Parole some sort of visa things like that if you're not sure if this applies to you, you likely, don't have a passport number of your most recently issued passport. If you have one put that number here, if you don't have a passport, it's, fine, it's, not necessary to have a passport to renew your DACA travel document number.

If any is you got advance parole, if you got advance parole, then you would have been given a number put that number there. If you don't, it's final leave a blank or you. Can put none, or you can put any country that issued your passport travel document, whatever country action do you issue to your passport? You put that there or travel document you put that there next question, when does your passport travel document expire whatever date is on the passport. You place out there also keep in mind that if you have a passport from a foreign country, it's, usually that the date and month is reversed.

So for the U.S. it's, a month day here in other countries, it's day month year, So just be mindful of that data of last arrival into the u.s., it should be the date that you have on your prior cause. You put it here as well. If you don't know, the exact date that's, fine, you know, you can also put that you arrived approximately in 1996 with that squiggly line, or even put place of last arrival into the US. It should be the same a right place of arrival as your last gun, immigration status that last arrival, if you enter without inspection, if you didn't enter with some sort of legal. Status, then you would put none, you could also put WWI. If is that applies, which is entering without inspection, if you're not sure ask an attorney next question, your current immigration status or category the category you would put it would be deferred action for childhood arrivals dawn and that's fine. The eligibility category, it's c35.

All of these next questions, often don't apply to individuals. First M opt that has to do with work visas. If that doesn't apply to you don't worry about it. If it.

Does speak with an attorney, the C 26 as well has to do with work visas. The C 8 categories has to do with asylum applications. Next question also has to do with work visas. So if it does apply to speak with an attorney, and we're getting towards the homestretch, the applicants' statement, if you can read and understand English, you mark that there, if you can't and someone helped you interpret, then they would put the language that they helped you interpret if someone helped you prepare this form, you would put. Their name here, if you filled out the docket application on your own, then you would just put I can read and understand English.

If no other person helped you physically do it then that's, fine it's in our requirement that someone else helps you's, not a requirement that someone else does it're watching this video to do it yourself? And this is all you select, you put your contact information, your email, but the date you signed it and your signature and that's it after part, four, this only. Applies if someone else helps you, and if that's the case, they will know how to fill it out. The last thing you would need to fill out is the seven six, five worksheets. So you put your full name your first last name middle. And then you put your current annual income, your expenses, and your total current value of your assets, oftentimes the annual income.

And the expenses are the same in that you make twenty grand a year. You have 20 grand dollars of expenses for the explanation you have to give a reason. As to why, you know, you need your work permit, and it doesn't have to be anything, particularly, you know, dance here anything like if you need it go to school, put that, you know, you put that you want to be a nurse or technician, mechanic, whatever it is you want to be, but that there? Additionally, you know, if you want to keep working mention that as well, it's, not a problem, but give some sort of reason a few sentences is fine.

Lastly, if you want to get noticed that you, you want to get noticed when USCIS. Receives they're the work permit and the DACA application you fill out the g-1145 form. You put your last name, first name, middle name, email, you put your cell phone number. And that is all if you learn something, please, let me know if you want to see more videos like this, or if you want to see videos on a different topic, let me know, thank you and god, bless.