Horizon Zero Dawn First Deathbringer Kill.

Guess I'm going to have a look at killing the Death Bringer in horizon. Zero dawn, first thing should be used to this. Now, what saw someone who push Garza or her bushes, stabbing work? So have a look around?

You will see you some more reads and then a guard or on a guard. So you know, your Canada, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves, obviously, it's better to do this by stealth second pile of reeds. And though she is, there's the death ring.

Now, if we look around we'll, see some others behind you climb. Up the ladders after then, what you'll notice is these wenches cliffs behind you or in front of you as you go to and so you're going to do is you're going to jump at them. You are going to get yourself in a position where you can see the Death Bringer or to death finger cannot see you are if you can see it cannot attack you because you can hide behind the edge of the cliff as you can see already we'll, see shortly so there it is there's, the Death Bringer little of the balls or for this. What you'll.

See you'll see what I'm talking about in a minute. So we've drawn a lot of attention to ourselves there, there's the death finger, and it's opened fire on us as you can see drops of attention to ourselves everybody's moving around, looking for support. Nobody can get to us, it's a great position to be in here on these ledges. It doesn't make it very challenging. But there you got, yes, the ball stopped working furrows, not the confounders I'll get to us as you can see. So finish that Dada kiss all I did. While I was up here, and I was in such a good position.

I went through all kinds of different weapons, just missing a bit just to throw them at it fire weapons that it basically through all kinds of weapons and then shot it with all kinds of things I've got a lot of that out, but it doesn't matter because the point is, you can shoot out and throw off pretty much anything that you want it struggles to hit. Yeah, you do have to be careful. If you do stand right on the edge of the ledge, too long, it can get. A few shots in on you, but it's its, not a big problem.

Just you just run off over where return see position and then keep firing out here. We go. You can see off its bed. Wife is now it's very weak.

And there we go Down Goes, the Death Bringer. There are a couple of guards and I think there's a corrupted watcher. Yes, there it is a corrupted watch.

You don't know, they're easy to kill. These are the things you got a watch out for a bit more absolutely Death Bringer. Because as you can see the Watchers.

Can actually get themselves in a position where they can hit, yeah, death link account. So I know, I said before that you can be in a position where you can do what you want and nothing can hit ya, but just waffle with watch the watches. And of course, as soon as they do start shooting at you just run away hide and then get yourself back in position. Think those where GAD someone there in a boat down here. So though she is the Death Bringer dead.