Fishing Mystery Creek - 7 Species On Flies - Micro Fishing With Bait & Flies

Hey, Luca Nate here with the catfish and carp YouTube channel. Today, we've got Matt here from PGH bottom-feeders here. And we are going to do a little of exploring here. We are going to go and explore some tiny little creeks and see what we can catch so come along with us guys. So Matt drove like four and a half hours through East Coast traffic to come fishing with me as I told him that if he come down I'll, put him on 40-pound flat heads. And then instead I'm, taking him bluegill fishing.

So I lured. Him here under false pretences, well, it got kind of some Blair Witch Project ruins here. That's some serious stone work that it wasn't somebody's tool shed then that's like a serious piece of architecture there.

You got a large mouth bass, right there. Alright, let me show you the gear we're using me and Nate are both using the dock demon rod and reel combos. They wrote about 9 to 15 dollars at Walmart. You can get them just about anywhere. Nathan's got the Doc Diamond, deluxe, and I've got the classic Doc. Diamond the deluxe has about six inches more rod.

So gives you a little more casting distance, but otherwise they're pretty much the same combo about six eight pound line on here. We've got a weighted foam, bomber a little of weight on the bottom to let you cast it better. You can see what we're doing is just taking these number twelve hooks and putting the tiniest little of earthworm on there, that's all you need. And if you're going to be doing this with these small hooks, just make sure you.

Have a pair of forceps, and I've got a little lanyard on mine and just keep it clipped to my backpack. You can really reach anywhere. You need to cast with these tiny little doc demons, it's, really all you require Nathan's doing great casting he's been practicing in the front yard, and it's really paying off good. Yes, oh that's. Perfect. Buddy, just leave it right there.

Just let it drift. What we're going to do is going to make this a fishing contest, and I'm going to have Nathan sabotage Matt as often. And as. Frequently as possible and I mean, that's it allow me to win and show him up, oh, they're coming right for you there's one, following the little one look at how gorgeous he is smiled at the camera. No they're like in those flies.

Yeah, they're liking. It flies out what let me take a look at that. Look at the big ears on them. Yeah, they love that little, yeah, that's a pretty sizable net. Ant pattern. You got there, Russian it. Yeah.

And just all I'm doing is casting it out and have a little tiny split shot up here. It's just killing it usually I use that fly on my 10 car, you know, what neat I might switch it over to a fly start with the black ant just that's, what Matt's doing he's having success nice, little one right there. This Craig that's actually respectable Ben, right through the tip of the nose, perfect hooks it. But well you let him go that counts. Perfect all right. We're. Going to try this Bluff, even with Nathan trying to sabotage him, he's tearing it up swallowed that fly.

Look at that. Yeah, a little bling on. There looks a little like a flashy stone fly I lost Nathan's. Black aunt. So I'm just going to switch out this little clingy, nymph going to see how that goes all right? Guys there you go. New species, green sunfish.

There you go bluegill that's, the forest species for this group. Look, how clear it is a lot deeper than it looked Nathan. Nathan is this fun you like being in the water? Are you swimming currently in Las Vegas, the odds of Matt making it out here without wet pants is like 50 to 1 I think he's. Gonna end up about as dry as Nathan here, real quick you're having fun swimming and exploring. And who knows a snapping turtle might even bite you.

Well, Matt just got a wet butt, but that's kind of par for the course, usually somebody I'm with wets their pants. Yeah, it's that's like there's, like an oxygen tank down here. No, we should do like a DL mighty show and pull it out, but I don't really want to get my shirt. Wet that's. Not what I was pretty fish. Look at this Nate.

Look at the size of that creepy thing. I do not know, but that is the creepiest looking bike. Oh, yeah, it is alive. Look at it. Phil, yeah, there's a crazy thing.

There's, a creepy-looking bike lots of clamshells on the bottom. Here reminds me of Japan when we were micro fishing. There is a little fish called the Tanaka, and it would lay its eggs inside of empty. Clamshell fun. Fun fact, holy crap. We just hit his loud noise.

And then about six foot snake, just dropped into the water and is going up that Bay that's, big of rat snake. Look at that thing. There are snakes falling out of the sky people large snakes, I think, oh that's a big tree branch, just know that tree branch is slithering Matt's, pulling too many fish out of this spot. So I'm going to walk into his fishing hole and get my son's bomber out sabotaging.

If I can't catch him, nobody can that's how I roll people. Yeah, just ask Leo Chang. When he took me and Tommy fishing I, just had Tommy destroy all of his camera equipment for like two hours. Yeah, there's a car tire in there. Buddy, oh, hey. Matt Matt, what happened to your butt?

Oh, my gosh, look at his butt. He must be one of those fisher girls big nest right here. You can see where the fish have gone down. And they clear out all the sill and the shells. You know, Matt I think you're tearing it up. I.

Think you've got a significant lead on me, though, I've lost count look at the size of that button. Hold really still that's a school of gizzard shad. Right? There see, look at that. Yeah, see right? There's some swimming in the circle.

So. Surprised to see gizzard shad this far upstream. So look at the camera buddy, nice, Creek, chub. Look at the ugly gash in his side of his head. See, yeah, yeah. Sure bud there we go right here.

This is log and there's just bluegill parked all underneath it. They're all hiding from. Oh, you think you can catch this, but can you do it while filming yourself with a two-year-old on your back for you about four-year-olds on your back?

Look at Army, Rangers commercial totally worth. It Oh see horseflies inside the. Madagascar totally worth look at the size of this horsefly guys, it hurts let's, see how I get him? Oh, it didn't even kill him. Oh, there we go there.

We go pleasant black net that black an to just crush it. I mean, oh got one look at this Creek isn't that gorgeous, oh man, I want to see if I can catch one I have a little pool here there we go. Beautiful fish. Look at them, a little darker color than the ones we've seen. And there think that's a green sunfish, pleasant and close to the camera. Look at this.

This is. Absolutely incredible. This is just a fun little spot.

I mean, sometimes it's not about the size of the fish, you know, I mean, this is just fun. So Matt was this worth what nine hours round trip. Oh, you're, dedicated HAD you're, dedicated you find some cool flowers let's work our way back, but I'm going to keep filming because there's a distinct possibility that I break my neck and land on Nathan, hold on tight, heehaw, your pull-ups, a bit soggy. We made well guys that was fun. I think we ended up catching about. Seven species of fish saw a total of nine, and I had a great time with my buddy Matt here from PGH bottom feeders. If you want to check out his channel, I'll put a link in the description, these little dock demons are just great for this they're, super affordable, and they're just really nice rods I'll, put a link in the description where you can get them as well.

Thanks for watching guys and don't, forget to click Subscribe. We put our new videos every Saturday morning, sweating so much that's, not sweat. That's, urine.