Drift Review | Cleanest Pro-Am Car Ever? Big Turbo 2Jz 240Sx

All right guys, we have another trip for you view for you today, very different from the last one like completely different Nick here. You want to show us your car, tell us what you got going on here I, really like this thing, I like the RPF once a lot I like RPF ones in general, and it looks perfect on this car, our stuff so type, X 0 Oh, fancy hit somebody it doesn't break that's true. That is true it's, a fiberglass , but it's hard about it. So big dolphin, yeah, ya know, I've always thought it. Was probably going to be?

Alright, yeah. Well - me - yeah, it to me, it's silly, because it falls off and just explodes I'd, rather just stay on the car, 65 besides whoever's still long, but it was crushed. Okay, I never fell off. Right? Right?

Stayed on I've seen people that just their side skirts fall off when they're just hanging there. Yeah, yeah. No exactly I think it's better to hard about it. My kid I'm on the out is hard on it, but it's a KBD kid. So dad, what if the 50/50 tails 50/50 tails I'm trying to.

Remember all my 240 Wing and JDM hot, bonus, yeah, like the over fender 2 is like it kind of like flows with the factory finished just like a wider factory, fender it's, not like some completely different thing. You want to pop the hood and get show them what's what's. Underneath we got some cool interior stuff to show you there's, some very cool interior stuff with this car. But first, you know, it's very important to see what's under the hood, it's, crucial have the same hood, prop piece of metal.

Oh, ho, ho man, I, love, jay-z, cars, I will eventually one day build a Jay-Z car, but today's other day wouldn't fit in me on it. But every time I Drive, a Jay, Z car, I, can't, stop smiling. So I'm. So I'm so excited to drive this thing because I think it's the noises, you're a limiter, the power van they're. So smooth, I, love them. I, love, I, love drifting. Jay, Z course.

So the two J's said, this is really nice fabric, I like that. A lot looks perfect what size turbo is it. Okay? And you said, I was making 450. On pump yes, that's.

Pretty ridiculous really that's crazy. We tried to go nothing. All we had a waste gate fail. Okay and 5,500 rpm and 25 pounds of boost we're hit booze cut. It made 640. Okay, jeez. We could finish the tune right?

Right? Still climbing, yeah, dog sure and no no 450s, honestly, plenty that's funny. We were talking on the way over here I was talking about how in my opinion like once you get past 450 unless you're running a crazy tire. It doesn't really make that big of a difference like you can.

Get to rev limiter kind of faster, but essentially it feels very similar like 450 to like 650 or 700 like you, it's, not a huge difference. The main difference is you could run a real crazy tire, which none of us are doing, so it's, puzzling more work for yourself. I 100% every - laughs, yeah, no that's, amazing easy and like chase laps, right?

You know, it is tasting you're going to burn right exactly, so it's. A lot easier it's kind of like cost per lap, like, you know, do you want to spend a ton of. Money to do, you know, two laps, you know, spend 300 bucks for two laps more than that, 400 500 bucks for two left. So do you want to spend 300 bucks for a whole day of drifting for me, I'd, rather spend 300 sent whole day of drifting drive a bunch and a lesser powered car, the more power isn't that much more fun. But anyway, the point is I think this level like a 450 horsepower.

S, chassis is really like the peak in my opinion engine. There was something I was looking at in here that looks really cool. I.

Really like that the tube front, it makes everything really accessible what angle kit. Okay. And what a sweet bar is that that's a pink industry? Okay, okay.

Okay. Right? Right? Right? Yeah, it sounds awesome. Honestly, you can feel like this is where the factory radiator was sat behind. Right?

Yeah, to get all the glue. This is removable to pull the motor straight up. Yeah, okay, right? Right? Ya know because trying to get that out tilting it up it's.

Not going to be a fun time at all. Yeah, I really like the inner. Core piping I like how it's like kind of cross between a front mount and a mid-mount it's, not like jammed up against the radiator, but it's, not all the way out here like you got it's, pretty short, yeah, yeah, right. Yeah. Just lag. Plus.

You've got all. You got way more failure points, more couple ways that can pop off. So this one has four cupcakes, yeah, right? No, that's. Amazing that's. The way to do it for sure I am in mind cutting everything and Oh interior sorry for the loud noises, we're, an inactive. Track there's not much.

We can do about that your battery box. The radio. Okay, okay. Okay and then side.

We got these buddy club seats, which I've always really liked. These seats I had one in an SC, 300, and I've always thought. These seats are super cool. What so what? Uh, what do you see? You are you running?

Okay? And they're able to use like the tablet with the ECU master's rpm, oh right. Everything what are everything all pressure?

Yeah, I know, that's. What I would do for sure still got carpet. Still. Got door panels power windows, that's, a little crate you in it. It does look marine.

Yeah, I wanted to do that too. And then the coolest part fans on the sunroof, you flick this switch, and it blows air down on to you. Now, some of you might think this wouldn't work. We turn it off. I got it in the car earlier. You gave me a ride over to the other side of the grid works.

Amazingly, it was hot. I was sweaty. I got in there I was like, oh, it's like shirt, up air conditioning, it's, amazing genius idea any years. So. You said, you can just pop that out right? Yeah, you can let it down.

You can that's so cool that's. So she's like the too little a cheap flip it up that's, such a clever idea. Alright? Is there anything else?

You can think up before we go drive it typical 240 with your standard salt spring rates, soft 312 painting or a five-page spring, setup. Okay, standard setup. Ok, Anita. Yes. It sounds good. Eh, that that's like such a sweet setup, I, really like two 40s that are set up in a pretty. Traditional way because they just work really well, they specially like a JR 240.

Setup properly is a so much fun to drive, so I'm really excited to drive this thing. I guess let's get to it. You ready. Yeah. All right. We're about to go out in the hash I, really like this car, I, really like s, basis's I have a soft spot in my heart for him. I've had many of them, and I've never had a really nice one, though, I say, I'll have to say, like one of the hardest things between going between different cars is getting.

Used to the clutch and like how it shifts? Yeah, those two things are like the hardest things to get used to. And then for me, I'm weird like the seating position matters. A lot like if I'm really far forward if I'm really far back like that stuff affects me, there are things, definitely really pleasant like to drive it's it. It like the coach is nice and smooth. It doesn't vibrate it's, not obnoxious loud, it's I, like it, I like it.

Yeah. What I was saying earlier is I've had a soft I always have a soft spot. In my heart for us, basis's I love the way they drive I. You know, it's I'm at like a different point. But what I want which is why I don't have another s chassis, but I, don't know, I just I always loved them like I.

Wish I, I. Wish I had my open face on. Because you guys are going to see the biggest smile on my face as I Drive. This thing like Jay, Z, that's chassis setup, well, like ah, so good. So good Jupiter definitely takes some getting used to cause it like rotates to the left and then goes up into. First, oh, my god, this thing assets, our jay-z on 11 are noises.

Amazing amazingness let's, try to get this corner. Good I'm, just being careful. Oh, my god, it's. So good, it's. So good, I, can't, see what the gauges say Oh, No, I press, the home button. I, remember, a good lap. This time, huh?

It's so hard in a car like this that has some real power to not want to just wink that thing in one straight. What is this guy doing? Is he going off? Oh, that's for god. I need a turbo virus had to dodge that piece of body to god. It's so good, oh, my god that was so much fun.

I just had so much fun. Oh, my god, this is so much fun. Guys make me build a Jay-Z. 240. God is so much fun that is like the most fun like you just can't. You just can't, not smile, driving a car like this.

Oh, my god, it's. So good, oh there. It is dude so much fun so much fun. Yeah, just coming in this corner. You need to like to throw a little harder.

Yeah, yeah. I did that once where like when I transitioned I just hit second, and then I was good right?. Yeah, because it's like you have to like rotate it up into first it's kind of weird.

Yeah, if you're used to it, it doesn't matter did I need a JCF chassis in my life. It's, just nothing I've, never driven anything as fun as a JCS chassis like this is just like so much fun to drive like it's, just so enjoyable like you can't, no it's its like a sewing machine. Yeah, no I was just taking it a little easy because, you know, it's, not my car I, didn't want to go off in that term. But one thing that I will say us. Weird for me, it's like I've, gotten used to the IATA where I've got to be kind of like hands with the wheel.

So when I Drive at Jesse's now, I like struggled to let them just like to do their thing you can get real. Yeah, that's. What I mean like I'm dumb like not used to it. So I'm like I'm like countersteering, yeah, I'm like chasing it, and I'm like I don't need to do this. But it's a little wild. So I'll make this short, super fun to drive. Amazingly fun.

I loved it. Absolutely loved. It beautifully Queen. Card when I hand it in the camera I was like, hey, you tell me it'll be it was amazing so much fun.

Thank you so much for letting me drive it doesn't, forget to follow-on Instagram I'll, put it right here again. So you guys don't, forget, oh, that's going to be a business trip for you. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing say, bye.