Disney Encanto Mirabel And Isabela Dolls Go To Hospital For Doctor Visit

Okay, let me send that can't believe how quiet we are today. Well, hello there. How may I help you hi we're coming in? Because my sister has this red rash all over her face?

Yeah, it's all over my face, my stomach, my arms, my legs everywhere, wow, that does look pretty bad. Did you call in to make an appointment? Yes, we called like maybe an hour ago.

Okay, let me see here it looks like. I can't find you on the schedule, no, we for sure called in okay, let me check again, oh, here we go. Okay. I have Isabelle madrigal. Yep, that's me. Okay, I have a couple forms. You need to fill out.

Okay. Let me just grab this patient form. See we'll, put it on this clipboard. Okay, here you go and here's a pen for you and here's, a wristband for you.

You could put on, and I'll also start a new folder for you. Okay. Let me put this in it's.

Our medical form, Isabella. Can you fill this out? I just have no strength, and I'm so itchy, I can't even do it. Oh, you don't need to fill it out here, I'm going to show you to your room, and you could just. Fill it out there? Okay, perfect just follow me back here.

Okay, have a seat. I miss it. Right there. Okay, I'm going to sit right here. Okay.

Now that we're all situated Isabelle. Why don't you go fill out the forms, and then I'll come back in here? Okay, doctor. I hope it's, not anything serious. Well, we're definitely going to take some samples I'm going to check your vitals, and then we'll go from there also before I leave I'm going to give you something to change into all right? Let me just get it out of here. Okay, I have.

This gown for you to put on and these booties okay, sounds good. Mira belle. You're going to be just fine trust me. Okay. I just have never had these red spots before. Yeah, mean, either, but I'm sure it's, just maybe like an allergic reaction to something let's, go ahead and fill out this patient form name of patient.

Mira belle today is March 1st. Okay, where do we have the rash everywhere face arms stomach legs? How do you feel? I just feel awful? Are you taking medication? No?

Do you have any allergies? Yes, a ton. Okay, miracle, I think we have everything filled out perfect. Thanks Isabella. Okay. Now I have to get into the gowns.

So let me just go change Isabella. How do I look? Uh like a patient? No, I kind of look like a superhero. Look at these lightning bolts, and I'm rocking, my new shoes.

Uh, those are hospital. Booties. Come on have some fun. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and sit down. I feel exhausted for some reason really, yeah, I hope the doctor comes in really soon, oh, hey, Isabelle, hey, Isabella. Sorry, to keep you. Both waiting, okay, let's start off by checking your weight.

So why don't you go ahead and stand on the scale? Okay, doctor, I'm, just going to say I feel really, really tired, and I can't move all that. Well.

But here we go. Okay, let's see here, a little more perfect you're, just where you need to be really because I've had no appetite for like the last couple of days. Okay, I'll. Take note of that. Okay.

Now, we're going to check your eyes. So come over here and stand over there. So why don't you read the. First row, okay, I see.

E. Okay, what about the third row let's go to the third, um, o. B, an okay, perfect. Now, the sixth row, oh, I can't read that one I wear glasses actually, but I totally forgot them while I was coming here. Okay? Well, I strongly recommend you make an appointment to the ophthalmologist to get your eyes. Checked again.

Okay, great we're off to a good start. Why don't you come up here on the table, and we'll check your vitals? Okay, perfect Isabelle. Let me just grab my blood pressure. Cuff got my. Stethoscope we're going to wrap the cuff around your upper arm here, I'm just going to pump it up I'm going to tuck my stethoscope right in there?

Okay? Everybody quiet I'm going to listen for the heartbeats. Okay? Perfect 120 over 60. Let me just take this off of you let's, check your oxygen level.

Okay, here we go. Let me just put this on your finger, hey, your oxygen is 98. And your pulse is 68. You're doing perfect Isabelle. Okay, but I still feel really itchy. Yeah, those red spots.

Look, really, awful. Okay. Let's. Take your temperature, I need to get a thermometer. Okay, here we go. I'm going to check your eyes. Your ears get a temperature, check your reflexes, open, your mouth.

Let's. See if you have a high temperature, oh Isabelle looks like you have a fever. What does that mean? Doctor, that means your body's trying to fight off an infection. An infection.

Okay, try not to worry. We still need to get your other vitals. Okay.

Let me just turn on my light. Okay, open your mouth. Let's. Take a look in there. Okay, that looks good. And your ears let's, take a look at this one all right and this one like they look good.

Let me just take a look at your eyes right here. Okay, your pupils are reacting to the light, which is good. Okay. Now, let's, check your reflexes. Okay, the first knee that jumped. And the second knee looks like that jump, too I'm.

Just really worried about your high temperature. Use it right? There I'm just going to put some gloves on all right now. Let me grab my kit over here. Let's, go ahead and open this up I'm. Going to grab one q-tip looks like this. One has pus all over it.

So I'm just going to go ahead and grab some of that, and I'm going to put it right in here, and I'm going to send that to the lab. Yes, the laboratory they're going to put it under a microscope and check what kind of infection. That is an infection. Yep, I kind of know what this is, but I just want to confirm. Okay. So we're just going to wait on those results.

I'll be right back. So hang tight, oh Isabelle. I can't believe this might be. An infection, I know, and I thought I was allergic to something well, it's a good thing we came in. Okay, Isabelle labs came back. And as expected, you have the chickenpox, the chickenpox, I didn't have chicken today. No, no.

It has nothing to do with chicken that's. Just what the virus is called it's very contagious. So you must have gotten it from somebody either handshaking hugging, or it can live on a surface. So you might have touched something and gotten the virus from it.

Well, I don't know anybody that. Has the chickenpox right now? Well, it does take some time for the symptoms to show up doctor. How long does this last and is there a cure? Well, thankfully only lasts five to 10 days, and you just pretty much let it run. Its course, you'll just have those red spots will give you some cream to put on there. Do you have any pain mirror belt?

Yes, it's, very painful. Okay, I'll also give you some pain medicine. Okay, let me see what I have in my drawer here right now.

Okay, here we go. I'm just going to pull some. Medicine out of here.

Okay, here you go Maribel. This is for the pain it'll start working in about 10-15 minutes. Let me just get some antibiotic ointment. Just going to put this on the blisters that have oozing in them. This will help you not to get an infection. And also here is the medicine Isabella I'm going to give that to you. And she should take those twice a day on an empty.

Stomach doctor. I really want my red spots to go away. Oh, don't worry, Isabelle. They will go away, but I do recommend you having. An oatmeal bath and a good moisturizer oatmeal in my bath, yep that helps with the inflammation and the itching oatmeal, pretty much calms your skin.

Now, cool, I never knew that all right? I think we're all set here. Let me go write.

Another prescription. I'll, go ahead and get dressed again, and I will see you out in the office. Okay, there we go. Let me just put this right here. Isabelle don't, forget to grab the medicine.

I feel so weak Maribel, here's a wheelchair for you. Okay. Thank you. Let me just go ahead. And sit down and Isabella, would you mind wheeling her to the front desk?

Please, oh yes, of course, all right, Isabelle all right Isabelle that is it I'm going to give you a prescription right here to give to your pharmacy? Okay, here you go, and I will also like to see you in about 10 days. Okay, doctor. Thank you so much. Yeah, doctor. Thank you so much. Isabella.

What do you have on your face? Oh, what do you mean? Oh, no, you've got a red spot you.