Dfs Lineup Strategy Super Bowl Liv - Nfl Fantasy Football Favorites

What's up guys, it's Chat from strip sports. And as you can tell we're decked out in our tropical gear, because Super Bowl LIV is coming up. This Sunday I can't, tell you guys how excited I am, especially as a Jets' fan as you see, we haven't had much success in the last years I've had to actively root against the Patriots. It feels like forever. I have finally the chance to just sit back and watch the game. So I am pumped, and I know you guys are as well.

And if you stuck up with our channel chair of sports. You know, we have our bets for the game, our prop bets for the game and in this vid our fantasy favorites. Now normally I'll give you my favorite quarterback running back and receiver.

But because it's the Super Bowl, we can't play a full lineup like we normally would, and so I'm gonna actually play captain mode on DraftKings and Manuel. This is a little different as I'm. Sure you guys know, but if you haven't played it, you have one captain and a few different other players that you could choose at. Your discretion because of that I'll change the format, a bit I'm, going to give you my favorite skill position player from the Miners skill position player from the Chiefs and my overall captain.

So hopefully that will give you enough information to win big this week against the competition. So I'll give you those picks. But before we do that guys just please a gentle reminder to please subscribe to our YouTube channel down below again that straight-up sports on YouTube.

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So guys, we're going to go right into our picks for Supper, Bowl, Sunday, let's waste. No time. All right. First picks, we have the Magnus skill position. Player. He's got a big price tag. It is George Kitten, aka Greg, Kitten from the Miners.

The tight end he's, valued at 8400 and DraftKings salary for 14.9 fantasy points per game. And I'll preface, this it's been a tough postseason for Kitten and that's partially. If not largely because Garoppolo has not really thrown the ball. You saw just last week in the NFC Championship game. He threw eight passes you're, not going to get all out of production with eight passes. But a fascinating stat that I think is very valuable here in the entire regular season, starting in week, four Kitten had only two games with less than double-digit, fantasy points, meaning.

He exploded the vast. Majority of the season. And if you take away those two games that were just complete anomalies he's averaging, twenty point nine fantasy points per game. So that fourteen points nine is in my opinion, at least very deflated to what his actual value could be.

And especially against the Chiefs defense that is 28th and fantasy OR K against tight ends like Kitten. This could be a completely different game than what Kitten. And the Miners have seen on offense for the majority of the playoffs I think they'll. Actually be able to take command of the middle to feel like they need to in order for kids to thrive, so I'm taking a chance on kiddo with this big price tag, I really believe this one's going to pay off on the flip side of things we're going to the Chiefs' skill position player. This one I'm going to go to their wide receivers, Sammy, Watkins, he's currently evaluated by DraftKings at 7,000 exactly in salary for eleven point, three fantasy points per game. And this is a guy. The popular opinion for Casey is.

Going to be Tyree Hill, but keep in mind that Miners defense is so strong. And when you take someone on the cheap, so you look at them and DraftKings, and you say, he's in the red in fantasy, OR K in opposition. You know, the Miners are such a strong defense undeniably that taking any skilled position player on the receiving end for the Chiefs is going to be tough.

But Watkins has been great these playoffs, unlike Tidal, where I'm expecting him to go to his regular season performance. Think Watkins has the. Potential to keep his playoff run that he's on now because he's averaging 19.2 fantasy points per game this postseason, and that is because he has nearly 200 receiving yards and a touchdown.

And again, Pat Mahomes loves spreading the field and getting the ball to people like the cheetah. But if the cheetah is locked down by Richard Sherman, or really anyone else by San Fran Watkins should be able to find himself all over the field all day. So, especially for 7,000 DraftKings salary, this could have.

Major breakout potential in my mind, so I'm going to take the risk on walking connecting with my home's, a lot in this Super Bowl, Captain time, let's, do it big we're going with the biggest potential player in my eyes? It is Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City, Chiefs, Pat, Mahomes, all seriousness, he's valued at twelve thousand six hundred and DraftKings salary. But you put him in the captain mode is a 1.5 multiplier that puts him at just shy of 19,000 and salary crazy. But he's ranked at twenty-four. Point five fantasy points per game this entire season.

But most importantly, he has picked up his play tremendously this postseason. He has over 600 yards and nine, total touchdowns with no interceptions in just two games. And this is going to be in my eyes something that continues even against the strong Miners defense. You want to talk about X Factor. He is showing up, and it's, not like he hasn't been doing it all season, either 34 touchdowns to just five interceptions in the regular season, the Miners. Again, yes, they have a good defense, but he is no scrub.

Thank god. This is not Ryan Tanneries going up against the Miners in the Super Bowl, because this would be a much different game. A much more boring game.

Pat Mahomes can run. He can throw. He could throw for a hundred yards at one single pass. It doesn't matter he'll get the job done I have the utmost confidence in Pat Mahomes. What can I say I got a lot of coming the captain like I, promise guys, that's, my favorite skill position player from the Miners.

And from the Chiefs, plus my captain, just to recap quickly, I got Sammy Watkins from Casey I've got Jorge, slash Greg kettle from the Miners and captain Pat Mahomes, no disrespect on his voice. Just you know having a little fun, but he's, an unbelievable MVP candidate should be MVP. And because he made at the end of this video fun fact, I want to let you guys in on something there will be 2.4 billion chicken wings.

E in this Super Bowl Sunday. And if you ask my father-in-law and Super Bowl chicken experts. That means chickens don't exist, or they're manufactured in a lab or something of the other. You do the math you guys, let me know, I am almost inclined didn't believe him, but regardless we're going to sit down we're going to enjoy some meals, and we're going to watch a hell of a good game. Hopefully this Sunday Miami I'll, get dressed up in this scarf to enjoy it. You guys do whatever you want just have fun this weekend and let's play some fantasy and have a hell of a time. Guys, just again, let's have a great.

Weekend, please subscribe to our channel to stay up to date will be doing the NBA after this and go Miners.