Day In The Life Of A Cyber Security Analyst | Quarantine Edition | Working From Home 💻

Few that one empty do, oh what I'm doing that work? What I said, I'm feeling, what I'm what I'd be doing at work? Yeah, but I can cut it out. Thank you. My so bye is, hey, hey. So that was it guys that's pretty much a typical day, well, normal Tuesday for me, uh, being a cybersecurity analyst. I had some better content that I shot earlier when I first woke up, but somebody changed the settings on my camera, and that had to, yeah, delete it.

I don't want to talk about that I'm pretty upset about that, because it. Was cool, but um for the most part guys, if you're looking for, you know, cops and rockers shoot them up bang, bang, it's, not really what you're going to see a typical day. I prefer to be boring because if it's boring, I mean, nothing's happened. I mean, everything is in good standing with the client, um, occasionally, it'll be busier for me. Uh. Sometimes like I said, you saw me doing working on some alerts in some meetings.

Then I have other things while I'm working on processes and content, checking the mailbox. Doing my own research and also learning more stuff, my own job, oh, and you also saw somebody FaceTime that's, not no that just kind of happened. So I kind of left it in the video guys, but uh, hey, let me know if you enjoyed the video, uh, if you want me to redo it or ask me, some more specific questions on how to do this, what were some of the tools that I was using in the video I'd be more than happy to share them with you guys in the comments. But hey, I appreciate you guys appreciate everything you do. Because look the channel's been growing, you guys been great. Thank you for your support.

Hey, it's HD.