Beginners Guide To Techwear, Darkwear

Right, okay, so today, we're going to be going through the basics or my beginner's guide to tech where such doc, where whatever you want to call it, how I dress, essentially all the community that I'm part of there are loads of different aspects to it and there's, those different places that you can branch off into, so there's, obviously, the more simplistic looks offer some pitches on-screen there's like a simplistic. Look and then there's, the really high-tech like what those of chest reeds and bags. Everywhere changed all this stuff. So I'm, just going to give a rundown on a beginner's guide a fast. Look if you're first starting to Internet, massive stock, where you should start, maybe where to get a few items from and just generally like any tips or anything. First thing to know about tech wire is there are loads of different aspects to it. So there's like the hardcore tech wire, which is like what about the materials use the sustainability, how it serves you the pockets and all this stuff.

And then. There's, obviously tech where such dark web stuff, which is what I'm more pod, which is like military vests' chest rigs chain straps all of this stuff masks, everything I, personally, prefer that style, but as he sarin, but something to always dive get asked quite a lot is like where should I start. So I would say start with getting yourself, just a simple pair of cargo. Chat's I have some right here. These are from Lou Kenji menswear.

They sent me these, but you can literally pick up just a simple pair of. Concrete risers I do recommend these though because they are like they're, super comfy. And like they're really soft is on my hardware.

And beautiful McKenzie winds, we're just a simple cloud, good design. But they've got that like strap on the leg, which just adds that something little extra to it. And if you pair it with something that's got straps on the hurdle like a vest, it just goes really nicely. So always start out with like a pair of khaki trousers. Obviously, any color really. Are normally for black I have a pair of camo cargo trousers, which are also just as good bombs that can't wear them as much stuff. So that's your base layer like some Congress houses or shell chargers, which is like that windbreaker material.

And then regarding like the top part I tend to go. Let's say can go with windbreakers. So this is one that I got from Agora, clothing, I'm, not sure if they still open as a shop, but they've got like a closing down sale. So you can go to look and buy something if you.

Want, but it's just a simple windbreak off it's got two pockets on the front and that's. Something I always look for when I first look for an item, I there's, a certain look and aesthetic to stuff, but differentiates like a tech we're, looking windbreaker to just a normal wind break up and having pockets and stuff. And it really adds that look to me so definitely looking for stuff like that.

So you've got the two pockets they're, a mesh pocket here. And overall it's, just like a nice windbreaker and. Whenever I recommend some something to lock an outfit to someone when they're first Island Tech, where I always just saved get serial trousers, a black windbreaker, and you're, pretty much set to go. And obviously like a mask from you can pick one of those off like three pounds from eBay underneath the windbreaker I'll. Obviously, how I do it is I just wear like a long, black t-shirt, literally nothing special. This is from H&M.

So it actually isn't anything special when you're first sight she's, an. Outfit if you want lots more of us, the stick look, obviously the shoes you can go anywhere from like these, but I've got trainers these like Puma liquid self things. These are quite nice. They give anything, or you can pick these up for pretty cheap now berries. This is superb Presto's and I think press, those just look have their own like Tex or unique look to it. And you think with like I, don't know, I just like the look at the right places and that for the way everything's laid out and the side.

Zips and stuff I, just think it works so that's for like the simpler side of getting into tech wear. So just getting cargo trousers, a windbreaker and just like a black shoes. And then there's sort of where you started these chest rigs and stuff like that. Yeah, I have one of my many utility vests.

This literally was like 20 pounds of eBay. Obviously, doesn't come with the painting stuff when I cut myself, but it's, just a simple vests, really answer to the whole. Look if you're going for that, super light. Dark wear military, look and actually tuck this over the windbreaker. And you've got a pretty solid fit going on like I'm taking the shots in these where I've actually just wore like a vest over a plain black windbreaker on my pair, collars, and it's been quite well received, and it's like it's, simple, but effective.

So for sure, if you're looking a lot more tech, military, sort of look a super edgy. Cop burst, simple like a soft utility, that's we're going to record it I had two of these I, put this style. Warmer, it's, a zip and I have one which you pull over I need to get another one. So you can go from anywhere from this to that simple Chester II.

You can pick one of these up again, free cheese, this one's from Open gear. And they clan me send this to me, but if I don't know if you're going to put a simpler look. And you don't want to wear like a massive like best rig I would suggest you in the chest rig because it's simple you're more likely to wear outside as well as a huge military vest. Because. This it's more toned down, it has a lot more usability from actually ice store stuff in it. But it still gives that sort of tech.

Look. So if you want something that's more practical and not just for photos, but you want to stay within the tech, wear like Doc, where category definitely get a chest ring. They comment all different shapes. Sizes is what this one goes around your back, there are ones, which like I like shoulder, holsters, but I don't have one of those there's this those they're supposed to choose.

From I'll leave some in the description, a few links are some basic ones Ditches. You can give bite a pound make on maybe on to I. Guess more my style of tech wears like a mix colors with tech, where the majority of the time is black I, literally all my wardrobe is black. You can have designs on it, but like the basic clothing is back, but I would say when you're, if you want to like spice it up a bit about how this like minor crack trousers have read on them and all this stuff. So I like to match that. Up with something else so about windbreak pressure earlier, add aspects of red on it. So you know, I thought that will go well, the aspects of red on there, right?

And then I'll touch one more time when it comes to picking the right, Footwear, there's. So many options out there, but I have quite a few different pairs. But if you want something that's going to go with a lot of stuff, I would suggest just getting all black like sneaker poop or whatever that cord. So I've got one here. This was Richie from ASOS.

It was like 40 pounds or 30 pounds and I wear this like literally most days, I wear it in so many posts, and it just fits well because it's like an ankle, right, nice and quiet like a shin, high boot and a lot with a lot of cargos and trousers and stuff. They have tough thing at the bottom, and that fits nicely into there. So if you want something simple that you can wear every day, which is rather than expensive get like a sneaker boot thing. Actually all black goes with everything there's, no going wrong.

Obviously then you can move on to like this one's got one set up color, but it's got x in it, and it can be a bit harder to power things, but I pick up from the gray parts and pair the great parts with great parts in an outfit. These are probably my most like techie like shoes. I've got the vapor. Max utilities they're like quite expensive for what they are. So in my opinion, I would probably go doing starting out would go for like the sneaker boot option because it's just cheaper.

And you don't need to. Buy all the expensive stuff for it to work. Well, like I can actually make an outfit for about 30 pounds. And it would look just as good as an outfit that could cost like 200 400 pounds like it's, not about how much you spend this about the pieces. And when you find them and how they look and how they will fit together pretty much my little beginner's guide on tech, where doc while picking outfits and stuff like that it's a short video, because it doesn't need to be too long because there's an assistant. Begin this guy's, I guess feel free to drop me a follow-on Instagram. If you haven't already at McKee Andre and shout out select NZ manager for sending these sip cargoes that I mentioned earlier, I'll, leave all the links to the items that I've suggested and stuff below there's going to be time stamps and things like that, hopefully it helped, but hopefully I helped as I said, just, just easy.

You don't need to be super out of there actually can start off with like a five pound budget and guess I'd. Fit to get Connors, win break up some sort of Chester and utility vests, and you'll be all set to go I want to say if you guys need any more assistance, I hope, this DM me, I, literally apply to everyone. And if you guys make any fits from this video for sure send them to me, I love seeing what you can't really your garden. Customs as well.

Yeah, that is all for me. I thought it was some sort of health, and I'll see.