Amazon Relay And Penske Rental Truck Update!

Yo, yo, what's up what's up people all right. Man. So I know, man, I didn't post a video in the last three days, my life be crazy time. You know, I'm, sorry, I got like I got school. I got school Mondays and Tuesdays.

So you know, my time be limited at times, but anyway, let's get back to this box truck thing. So, anyway, we got to respond from Amazon on Monday. We got an account. We got an account. It was approved. We on the load board, we're getting loads, we're getting loads. Yes, we're getting loads.

It's like nah. Anyways, I ain't got no truck. Man, I can get no loads. But anyway, I just thought I'd touch base with you all let, you know where what's up with the situation. So definitely Amazon came back. I did apply for Amazon.

Um last week, which was, I think I did it on Thursday night Friday. They emailed me about, you know, verification of the insurance. You know, the company that verifies your insurance, uh, again, it takes to two to four business days. So we had the weekend. We couldn't do anything.

Saturday Sunday, so they got back to me on Monday, and you know, it was approved. So we got access to, uh, Amazon loads and man, I'm happy with what I'm seeing on the load board. Man, I'm, just happy, and I'm happy. I started this whole. You know, process it. Just at the end of the day it's just going to depend on how much I want to drive that's it. Um, I did make a reservation with sense.

So tomorrow I will be picking up the truck from sense, hopefully they have one at the location. I picked. So if I get a. Truck tomorrow, then we will, uh book some loads, hopefully for um tomorrow night, or you know, Friday Saturday, Sunday, um, sense got back to me with my account. They opened up an account a business account and uh, you know, the rates.

I guess, you know, I'm, not going to be renting a truck forever. You know, it might just be till the end of this month. You know, until my truck, you know, gets done and everything with the paperwork. So I will be renting a truck, uh, probably I'm going to do weekly because it's just. Cheaper to do it weekly sense got back to me, and they said, you know, they'll give me the truck for six hundred dollars a week, um and 19 cents per mile.

So there you have it. Um that rate is not for everybody. You know, it all depends on your location. If you have an account with them or whatever it is, uh, they told me it's going to be 120 per day.

You know, including plus the 19 cents per mile. So that's, my rate again, it'll be different for everybody. So don't go to sense and be like.

Well, this dude said, he. Got six hundred dollars a day, uh for the week and 19 cents per mile that's that's, not going to be your situation right? It's, not going to be your situation at all right? Um. I probably can call and talk to, you know to bring that weekly rate down.

I think, but um, I'm, not I'm. Not going to do that I'm, not going to do that right now, because again, it's just temporary for me, it's going to be temporary I'm renting till probably the end of the month. So, um, yes. So that's, you know, that's my situation right now, um. So let's. Talk about the so again, we on the Amazon load board, we got access to that I'm going to show you real quick, uh, what I'm looking at well, it's crazy, because there were so many loads. You know, if I had a truck, I probably would have booked, uh, at least like eight or ten loads, right?

But as the week goes, you know, the loads get, uh, less and less. So I'm going to show you, you know, what I'm looking at right now, uh and another thing, man, let me tell you all something not on the uh poster truck, but just regular load. Board, right yesterday last night, I'm, looking at this load around, I think it was around 6, p.m, right this low was it started from 500. I think it was, uh. It was 200 miles or 150 I'm, not sure, but they started the uh, the price for that loaf at like five something 10 minutes later. It was 6 35 25 minutes later.

Furthermore, it was 800 856 and I'm like damn. Now, why is that? Because the load had to be picked up that night?

So you know, they needed somebody to, uh, you know to get the load so me again, I'm telling you the law. Is going the laws be popping on Amazon man for me? Man, I'm, just I'm, just being honest with you. So, but uh, I'm going to show you something real quick all right. So there we go. Okay, there's the load board. Right here just show you whatever is on the board, you know, Pennsylvania KY, wherever you add it's, just everything you just got to put in every, you know, wherever you add, you know, I could just go right here.

Maybe just say, you know, my location. And you just bring up whatever is in my area right? And then you. Just pick from there, but uh, yeah, it's. What's today's, today's Wednesday, man, if you had seen Monday, there was a lot of, you know, there were a lot of loads. And they just, you know, like this.

One right here. This one going to this location there was like 15 of this. So if I know if I had my truck ready, I probably would have done, you know, one trip every day for this or me, possibly two a day, right? You know, deadhead miles 19 from my location there's, a lot of them. You know, I'm close to Trenton to 25.

Miles which is itbeing like 30 minutes from here, right? You can see the rates, you know, whatever, you know, you can see the miles you're going to drive, but, um, yeah, you know, so we got access to that. So if I get it, you know, hopefully if I get a truck tomorrow, and if this one is still there I'll probably book this one I'll probably just book this one too, you know, so we could have, so we could have something to do right now. We just I'm just trying to, you know, get the hang of it just get the experience.

So. You know, get comfortable with it. So I probably you know if is the lows, if they still uh available I'll book, this one I'm going to book this one and that's so that's, Sunday, that's, Thursday. And we do one more for Friday, you know, that's three in the afternoon right here, you know, it's paying all right. So we'll, definitely try to book this one, too, um, yeah.

You know we got Sunday. This is Sunday. We could do this one too, right here. Sunday, it's, uh, that's 2, p.m, right? Yep, that's 2, p.m, right here you get there.

Around 6., we'll, certainly do that. So if those three are still available, you know, I'll book those I don't want to book it right now, because I don't know what the situation you know with sense, you might get there, and they don't have a truck for you. And I don't want to have to come, come back and cancel I'm just starting out. I don't want to have to start.

You know, start by canceling loads. So I don't want to book right now. So once I have the truck outside parked I'm, put one two three.

And we do. Those, you know, you do the math 281, 450 265 there you go. You got your, you know, your truck rental money back, you know in three days, whatever, but again, you could literally make your, you know, your rental truck money in a day. And you know, six days is all profit. You know, just, you know, subtract the miles you drive. So yup there you have it, you know, we on the board, um, all right?

So, yeah, there you have it. You know, we did, you know I showed you the uh, the Amazon load board, see how it looks, you know. So.

We got accepted. We did the sense, um account. Furthermore, we got that we did a reservation for tomorrow. So I did thursday. So hopefully they have a truck tomorrow. And you know, again, if the laws I've showed you if they're still there tomorrow, I'll, go ahead and book those, but I don't want to book them right now, because I don't know what the situation is with the truck I might get there. They don't have one.

So I don't want to have to cancel like I said, but, um, yeah, man, that's that that's, where I'm at. You know, that's where I'm at your know, every day, like I said, every day is just a blessing, you know, learning that's all you could do if you're trying to do this. Hey, you could do it. You feel I'm saying you could do it. I don't see anything that that could stop you right? Even if it's, you know with a rental, you know, again, I showed you rates, you know, you do those three trips. You got your rental.

You know, your rental money back and everything else is profit. Furthermore, you know, just subtracting. The. Miles, uh, you know, just depends its just going to depend on how much you want to drive right.

So, yeah, that's where we at, you know, hopefully, by the end of the month, we got, you know, papers tags for the uh for my truck. And you know, the rest is history. The rest is history right?

I'm. Not I'm, not going to be worried about the deadhead miles to tell you the truth I'm, not that kind of guy, I'm just going to look at the loads if it's paying good. We book if it's 200 miles, we going you feel me, even if. We come back empty, look I'm. All about my money. Now worry about these miles.

I mean, it's a factor, you definitely want to count every mile, but you know, right now I'm just trying to make some money that's all I could say, it's been two months. I need some money. Furthermore, I'm.

Not worried about the miles we'll start worrying about the miles, maybe it's. Summer. You hear me, but whatever we get right now we have gone, but um, listen man. I hope this motivates you to do it man, there's going to be a lot of people out there.

They're going to tell you look this is hard. You can't do this. You can't do that if it's for you, you know, for you to save some money right now. So you could do the rental. You know, get your money for your down payment for the insurance, whatever it is then do that until you get in this, you know, in a position where you could go ahead and get your own truck. Right? I don't think, you know, if I had known, I probably would have started doing this rental thing.

A while ago, right, if I had known or how to do. The insurance of everything I would have done that right so, don't, let that stop you or whatever it is right? I know a lot of people out there are being, you know, in the comments section, they got 5k. They got 6k. I think that's enough for you to set yourself up to go and get, you know, get insurance, uh, you know, get a rental right?

Again. You open up account with sense. You know, you get the, you know, the lower the rates, you know, because I know a sense truck out here is a hundred and eighty dollars if. It's personal and 20, you know, and, um, I think 29 29 cents for miles I'm like that right? So, you know, that's a plus rate that you're getting it at 120, whatever it is with 19, 15 cents a mile. So go ahead and do that right?

Until you, you know, you make some money. Man, it's all about you, I'm, not going to be doing it full time. Again, you know, my schedule Monday and Tuesday I'm in school. At some point I got to be studying for, you know for your know, for my, you know for school and everything. So I just thought you.

Know I had, you know, this was the right, you know, decision for me to get a truck and do it on my own time. You know, not on anybody's time, right? It was a big factor because of school I had to be in school, full-time, you know, um. So, yeah, it is works for me and there's. Most of those loads, you know, you're getting out the house at midnight, and you're back at six in the morning, seven in the morning.

So you got a whole day to do whatever you have to do you feel me so don't, let that stop you, you know, there's. Gonna be a lot of people talk about yo, this is the hardest thing you ever do. Yeah. It is going to be the hardest thing you ever do. But once everything is set up man, the rest is history. I'm going to stop right here. Um I'll be looking out for the comments, whatever it is.

I know, I still have to make a video on how to do your authority and what else not how to do your authority to say you could do that on your own, but I'm going to make a video on. What comes after you? You know, your application for your. Authority because there are a lot of things that you're going to have to do for it to be active that's, what I'm going to be talking about I'm, not going to be talking about how to actually do the application 50 000 videos, you could look at you could look up and do that right? But I ain't seeing one that tells you or shows you what else you, you know, you really need to do what that process is. I see one that was real, you know, clear when I was doing my whole process with my authority. So you're, welcome.

In advance, I'm going to do that for you.