4. Horses Level - Ec Howrse Help (Mini Series: Increasing Ec Prestige)

Hi everybody hopes you're, well, this video's requested by Willowbrook. And this helped you to look again, up the questions out over all pro stage. And this is the fourth thing that will be looking at, which is the horses level. So this only has one thing that affects this particular prestation. You can see that I have zero percent.

So I will explain why. So with my horses level, this is a bite heisting horses that have high level skills we're going to you probably already are aware of this, but you'll see. Why this is so if I quickly go into my equestrian center page now, you will have seen in the last video that I talked about the fact that I have 51 divine horses and legend horses. And you might be thinking, well, the vines and legend resources have high skills here's.

The thing divine and legendary horses have no effect on the Border's press stage those skills mean, nothing. The borders prestige comes down to real normal horses. So your unicorns your winged unicorns. Your Pegasus is your riding horses. Your ponies your donkeys that's on your draft horses.

I forgot draft horses for a second there. So that comes down to that. So there are skills.

And if you have a look on the video that I did about six the lessons or fast, six the lessons, I think was the name of the video. I talked more, particularly in depth than that. So I, right now, I don't have any normal horses in my tea say so that's, why that borders press stage is nothing if I did have at least maybe a low-level skilled horse on that you would. Actually see that go up if I had a very high skilled seller, you would see it go up quite a lot quite dramatically. So it's important to have well, skilled horse Seores say, if you want the borders prestige to co-op, but if you want to get it perfect, one hundred percent have a look at that fast sexy lesson video that I have on my channel. So thank you to Willowbrook for Christ's the video and hope you love, its Boas.